Friday, April 30, 2010

A very hard but special weekend.....

Hi Everyone~

I am taking a break from telling you a bit about me to tell you about someone else who is very near and dear to me. I am going to tell you about my daughter. She died at birth. This weekend, May 2nd to be exact would be her birthday. So this post will be about her.

I got pregnant with my second child in august 1996. I was so excited my oldest son was about to turn 2 and i thought and had been told that it was the perfect age range between children. My pregnancy was very different than with R. I had total morning sickness with him. With her nothing. I couldnt wait to find out if i was having a girl or boy.My due date was May 13, 1997. i found out sometime in January( believe it or not this is the only detail i cant remember) that i was having a girl! A GIRL! i was so excited. i was excited not only because she was going to have a big brother, but id have a girl. We started tossing around names and nothing stuck. I already knew that her middle name was going to be after her great grandma, but since she had two, she was getting two middle names. I was huge into the show Dr.Quinn medicine woman, i loved that show, and the main character's name was Dr. Michaela Quinn. I seriously fell in love with it. I had my name. No one really liked it. My mother hated it..but pfft..look at the names she gave us they are all so common and i didnt want a name that there would 7 in her class with the same name. (only after i had her and named her then i started hearing that name become popular the next year) My Nanny was the only one who loved it. i loved it. my pregnancy progressed normally and she was developing right on schedule. it was so fun to be pregnant and have R be a part of it, he would giggle when he would see or feel her kick or turn over. I would go to garage sales and find such cute clothes. I didnt buy traditional girl colors, since im not much of a pink person myself. The only pink thing i bought her was a pink and white dress for her grandmas wedding. It was getting down to the wire and i was getting more and more excited to finally get her here. I was having tons more braxton hicks contractions but then again this was my second pregnancy. As i was in my late 8th month i started going in because i was having contractions, of course they just would keep me and monitor them and then send me home. Her room was done, i had the bags packed i was ready, and i couldnt wait to finally get her here and home and hold her!May 2, 1997 began as any other day would. I had a weekly check up scheduled that day and i got up got R up and gave him breakfast and started preparing for the appt. I did some laundry, swept the floor,and ran a load of dishes. I decided to take a bath, and boy oh boy was Michaela moving , i mean moving! You could see her rolling over, she would kick where you put your hand, she was letting us know i know im going to be poked and prodded today! I had went to labor and delivery that wednesday nite for contractions and i think i actually felt her drop lower. I got to the dr and still up to that point everything was fine. R was being walked around by his dad and i was being called in, to have the normal weight check, blood pressure etc. I got taken to a room and the nurse was asking if i was having contractions or had had any since wednesday. She proceeded to tell me that they would be doing and exam to tell if i was dialated etc. The dr came in and did her exam and said i was 2cm dialated and that she could feel her head in the birth canal because she could push it back up, and said that i could go at any time. She said that since i had been on L&D that week she would like to do an ultrasound to see how much or estimate how much she weighed, and even tho she could tell by the exam to make sure she was in the head down position. AT THIS MOMENT IS WHEN THINGS STARTED TO CHANGE FOREVER....

We went to the ultrasound room she lubed me up and made a pass, said things looked great heart was beating strong and definitely in the head down position. She didnt think i would make it past the weekend . I was so excited that means anytime she would be here! The dr said im going to make one more pass and then send you on your way. This time around she didnt say anything and got really quiet. She said hmmm alot. I was like whats going on? She said im not sure im going to get another dr. she left me in the room for 15 minutes and came back with 3 others. She started again and made another pass. Still no one was saying anything. I was like what the heck is going on. They all just were quiet and looked at me stunned. She said maybe we should call R's dad is he here with you ( and no this isnt my current husband) i was like yes hes walking R around, why do we need him whats goin on. Dr. Ostergaard proceeded to come over to me hug me and hold my hand while the other 3 just sat quiet and said we will tell you when he gets here. Finally they locate him and they tell me that they heard and saw a heartbeat the first time , but the second and third pass, they no longer could find her heartbeat. I was like what are you talking about, shes been moving and kicking, we just heard her heartbeat. They said im sorry but we think she has passed. We have a few options we can go with. I just sat there stone faced. i think i was truly in shock. They said that my options were i could go home and stay pregnant and go into labor myself, or that i could be induced. I was like wait, your not going to try and do anything to see if this is real or save her. And my answer was that even if they did she would have been brain damaged by now, because it had been more than a few minutes since they had seen her heartbeat.i of course called neighbors to stay with R and called my dad who lived an hr away he came right away, i called my nanny and mom, who all were in disbelief. My mom just kept saying over and over, why arent they doing anything, why are they waiting. She then had to tell my siblings who were all upset, but my brothers words stand out the most..why would they just let her go home. to let her suffer more, its already going to be hard enough. And he was only 14. I decided to be induced. They had called tons of people. support people i should say, i cant remember the names but they were people specific to what was going on. They had me a room in the regular ward instead of l&d just in case someone else came in in labor so i wouldnt have to hear a baby when all was said and done.But that sucked because in the room next to me was a month old baby who screamed the whole time. I proceeded to be in a delivery room and was induced. the ward seemed like a ghost town, the only people there were the drs and the nurses, and everytime they came in my room they were so silent and they would just say they were sorry and start crying. Finally i needed to push. MICHAELA CATHRYNN LEIGH was born May 2, 1997 at 8:18 pm and weighed 5lbs 4.7 ozs and was 17.5 inches long. She had gorgeous black curly hair and the longest eyelashes , the laid on her cheek before curling up. she had long skinny fingers. she was beautiful. she was pink and just looked like she was sleeping. they wrapped her up and put a hat on her like they would any normal baby. they brought my dad in who was sobbing. they brought my neighbor in ( her daughter died at 7 months) she took pics for me, of me holding her, this is when i cried. this is when i lost it. This is when i couldnt believe, that this was how it was going to mother kept calling and asking if i had had her yet( i was in cali she was in michigan) she would sob on the phone, she asked if they took her yet, i said no. i wouldnt let them. they bathed her, we put clothes on her, i cut locks of her hair they took hand and foot prints. They had a memory box for me. i just couldnt let them take her. i held her for 8 hrs. finally my mom had called again and said i had to let them. i just couldnt let her go, this was all i was going to get to have of her, i wanted to have this memory of my angel to last me the rest of my life. i wanted to remember every second, every feature, every line ..just everything.When i finally let them take her i made the nurse promise me that they would keep her in her clothes and blankets i didnt want her to get cold. the assured me they would. We arranged for her to be buried in michigan. We flew back to michigan on may 7th and her funeral was May 9th. She was buried in a white eyelet christening gown with an emerald angel pin,pinned to her dress, she had a small teddy bear with an emerald ribbon from our neighbors in cali, my mom got her a pooh bear blanket that we put in her 24 inch casket with angels on the outside. she also got her a small tigger from her brother and a ballerina bear and we also put in her casket a pic of me and her and a pic of me and her brother so she would never be alone. there were so many flowers. we had a small graveside service and my mom forceably removed me so i wouldnt have to watch the rest of what was going to happen. what sucked was that mothers day was that sunday. we went back and i layed on the grass next to her and my mom collected a few flowers from each arrangement to have pressed and made into a wall hanging.

i remember this day like it was yesterday. The first 5 years were a killer than i didnt do so bad for a long time. this year is hard, why im not sure maybe because she would be 13. My sisters and i always talk about what she would be like, what she would like , food wise, music hobbies etc. and for sure how she would love her 3 brothers. so on this weekend of her birthday i remember her, i love her no less than i did the day i had her. I wish every second that she was here,no matter what teenage problems would be happening. The only thing i was ever told was that maybe that was her job to do, that god sent her for that time and she was always meant to be an angel.because healthwise there was no known cause for her death.

i close in saying happy birthday michaela, hope your having fun with your grandma in heaven this weekend, we love and miss you baby girl, love your mom

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More about me

So yesterday i started out by telling you a bit about me, today i will continue..kind of reading back makes me see im sort of boring but oh well.

I love to read , i mean love it. My love for reading started in kindergarten when i had a book reading contest. For that contest i had to read books to someone, i chose my nanny. i read 500 books and won. my love has continued on. I belong to two book clubs, and i also buy books. We recently moved to the east coast, and before we moved from the west coast we had a garage sale. that didnt go so well but i had 10 boxes of books that we had out, all arranged by author and the ones that are series were all together, and only about 5 books were sold. I went thru and kept what i wanted and the rest i donated to the local library. Where we lived they rarely got new books and if they did it was like one copy. SO LAME! Some recent things ive read are : return to sullivan's island( its set in south carolina ), the entire twilight series( yes i know im behind on this but i truly had no desire to read it or fall into the hype, vamps arent my thing BUT my sister karen said if i didnt shed end me lol) and for the record im a team jake! i loved the whole series, the characters and their backstories. I love reading debbie macomber and mary higgins clark and carol higgins clark. im huge into romances, love stories, mysteries and thrillers. i love autobiogrophies of celebrities or the royal family, or even biography of the old hollywood stars. i mean its history its right up my ally.

i also love movies, but dont get to see to many adult ones,( and NO not Porn!) get your mind out of the gutter! Some recent ones over the past few months i have seen are: the proposal, couples retreat, the hangover, brothers ( great flick, hard to watch, because if your married to a former military member or have a sibling as one you can see what ptsd is for real and how hard it is) , the blind side, public enemies and also ive seen a kids one called " how to train a dragon" that is a fanastic movie! i cant wait to own it! i also want to get the two toy story movies for my younger boys they have never watched it. We also watched the princess and the frog.

I also love to write, i used to write alot wether it be journals, poems, stories etc but i got out of it once i had some major real life moments, some of those include having more kids, my mother dieing unexpectedly( more later on this) then my grandma a year later, then hubs coming home for good(yay! no more seperation due to the military) and a big move from coast to coast. Hopefully i will get back into it one day.

I love being a mom, its perhaps one of the best things ive ever done or had the privilage to do. I am the mom of 3 boys, similar in some aspects but different in others. I had a daughter that passed at birth( more on this later)I want one more child and be done, whether its boy or girl, but thats the deal i made with the hubs to have one more. Im hoping i will get a red haired green eyed girl. I mean im not getting any younger, but who is right? My boys have been the light in my life and have made me strive to be better want more and stay strong for them,even when i think some stuff is way too much to handle. but im there mom and id never give a day back for everything in the world. They are my entire life. dont get me wrong i have a life outside of kids etc but you get what im saying.

alright enough on me today check back for more tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a little about me

So today instead of the whats been happening around me/with me type of post im going to start off with telling you a little about me and my family, im sure this will have to happen over numerous posts to get to stuff about my hubs and my kids and my sibs and mom and rest of the fam, but today it will be about me.

My name is christa. I was born in california in november 1975. I grew up there till i was 7. We lived right around the corner from my nanny( my grandma,my moms mom) and my parents family was all over the place and so close as were my cousins. My pappy(grandpa,my moms dad)died the day we were to move to michigan for my dads job transfer. This was 1982. We moved to michigan, thinking it was going to be so hard to be away from everyone i had known my entire life. I am the oldest of 5 kids. I have an older step sibling, but shes just been my sister my entire life. We moved to michigan to a town called Lake Orion. Every summer for years my parents sent us back to cali to see our nanny. Of course she would come visit or we all would do the road trip thing, but we were adjusting well in michigan. Lake Orion was so much different than Garden Grove,California. In california we lived 15 minutes from Disneyland,Knotts Berry Farm, the beach, everything. Lake Orion at the time was still pretty small. We lived in a neighborhood called Keatington. It is one of the more affluent neighborhoods. We lived in a two story house that was pretty big it had 5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and a 3 car garage. We have a massive yard. I love that house.

I have always been an outgoing person, but i am also shy. I went to webber elementary and then the middle school was across a main road outside of my neighborhood which was nice because we ( a group of us) would walk to school. Junior high and High school were literally across the parking lot. in school i had friends and was on the fringes of the " in crowd".My favorite subjects in school were reading spelling history, choir,theatre and science. I wanted to be a teacher and mom when i grew up. in lake orion every one knew our family...i mean not only did we all go to school there but we were on the larger side. There is 4 girls and 1 boy in my family. The order goes like this: Me, Ali, Bub (frank),Karen and Shannon. Ali and i were always one grade apart and then the rest were only a few years after. 3 of us have some sort of shade of red hair and the other 2 are blonde. 2 of us have green eyes the other 3 blue.I love my siblings, all though that happens with age. Of course i loved them when i was younger but all siblings argue and fight, and of course there was always chaos with that many kids in the house. I loved school and loved being in choir and drama. I sang in school from 6th grade to 12th and i also took 4 years of private lessons.

I graduated from hs in 1994 and had my first son in october of the same year. He by far is the love of my life, well at least one of them. I wanted to go to school but having a baby at 18 changed that. I would never trade it. I went back to school in 2005 to be a paraeducator but i didnt end up finishing for other reasons that will be in a later post.Some of the things i love besides my family is reading swimming, movies, music, history type stuff( like going to historical sights and researching it) and i have a love for certain shows. some of them are : deadliest catch, glee, house hunters, property virgins, renovation realties, 19 kids and counting, little people big world, ghost adventures, law and order svu and criminal intent, house,say yes to the dress, the list could go on. i also love reading and i read alot. i will post something about some of the books i have read.

well thats all i can think of at this time, there will be another post on me but if you have any questions feel free to comment!

Monday, April 26, 2010

things are changing constantly

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope things went well for you over the weekend.Ours was a tad busy, but it was nice. friday nite i had to work (BOO), and then i was off the weekend. We had to go meet with a new "just in case sitter" which means, just in case the hubs was not going to be home in time for me to go to work, that i would have someone to leave the kids with until he got home. We have family close but not close enough that can keep them. We did that first thing saturday morning, she was great and has two kids, both girls, one is older than E and the other is 2 days younger than M. Then the hubs mom was going to come visit sometime this weekend, we werent sure if it was saturday or sunday, she just told us to go do whatever we were going to do. While we were meeting the new sitter, she called and was at the end of the so much for not knowing when she was coming. We left the sitter and went and met up with her to bring her to our place. It was the first time she was seeing it since we moved here in November. The hubs gave her the apartment tour and we sat and chatted for a bit, and then we decided where to go to lunch. She took us for lunch and we came home and looked for tickets for her to go to aruba, and she heard that the hubs wanted a grill so we went to walmart to check them out,he could have gotten the one he wanted but he went with one that was smaller and it still has a burner on the side for corn or what not. His mom said that it was his bday and our anniversary present, but i see it as mostly a gift for him since i dont know how to use them. This week i also had to go to work training, and i worked with one of my favorite pharmacists that subbed in our store ..she was awsome to train with and she was so helpful! i also gave my work notice of appts that i have upcomming and changed my availability..instead of the availability i have now i said i was only available m, t and th. we have stuff for E on wed. and then this summer its going to change alot with R coming and K. Well i hope the rest of your monday goes well. I know im hoping mine does!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

keep on moving

Hi! Sorry for no post yesterday but we had the peds ortho dr appt, and that took quite awhile! the appointment was at 9 am and we left the house around 815..we didnt get out of there till 1245.They moved his arm around and decided on putting a hard cast on his arm in hopes that it will heal. Lets Hope! So on the way home i stopped and got something for us to eat on the way home and we came home ate and i decided to lay the kids down for a nap. but no such luck that they would go to sleep. I was tired because i got up early and the dr was quite stressful and i had to work that nite , but no luck . Went to work, it was pretty slow, but im off today, and they decided that i can go to my training thursday so essentially its two days off! Today we are just going to the bank and running to walmart. Other than that it will be a nice quiet nite at home relaxing and dinner together as a family, which we dont get alot of with our crazy schedule. Im hoping the rest of the month we dont get to much more handed to us and that May is a breeze! happy wednesday everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

high hopes for this week

Happy Monday everyone!

im hoping this week goes way better than last, thats for sure! All though in one aspect we arent getting much positive news :(. This week will be busy we have to go to the pediatric orthopedist tomorrow, and of course fit work in there, and all during spring break which is supposed to be relaxing, but hey it never works out that way. im hoping to have a relativly light work week, i mean my work is ridiculous, they schedule you and they start harassing you about going to training and then you give them the dates for the training and they are calling leaving messages about can you reschedule it we are letting two people go on vacay and we have calls into others for that day ( the day your training is scheduled) but so far no one can do it so can you get in touch with the trainer and see about that, and they get pissed when you go to training,because you wont be available to work there...ummmm hello it is a work activity, so even though i may not be able to work there im still working. they are LAME!The thing is i work at nite, my hubs keeps the kids so we dont have to pay a sitter unless absolutely needed. So therefore i can only go to training at nite. Especially since we dont have alot of people here to count on, the closest family is an hr away. We had sitter issues when i had my previous job, thats why i had to quit, and i had a pretty much set was 730-430 m-f. I would go to take the kids and she wouldnt be awake yet, her excuse ..i didnt know they were coming? um what? its monday and unless it was previously stated that they wouldnt be here or they were sick they would be here!! she had her power shut off more than once, and she was always asking us to provide food, i paid her 110 cash a week, because she really only had one kid and the other was in school so she only had him before and after. i provided diapers and wipes like 3 mega packs and two full containers of wipes and miraculously they would be gone the next week...where the eff did they go? so i stayed home for a year and started working here, im looking for something more conducive to family life but have yet to find it. The job i have now obviously doesnt get that work training is work, and that they should plan better if they are giving people vacay!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Glad its the weekend

I'm so glad its Friday! its been a long hard week. It started last week with getting some sad hard news to hear..then my husband had to be away for a nite (which sucks!) and then with E's accident which was/is trying and then of course ive only worked 2 days this week, but my body feels drained. Last nite i went to bed later than norm..i was trying to catch up on my shows on the dvr, and even tho i have slept in a bit in the mornings im waking up still feeling exhausted and like im not really rested . I have my coffee in the morning same as normal and im still tired. I tried to take a nap yesterday but it didnt work out so well. Im going to try again today but a bit earlier than normal..i took E to school today and instead of him riding the bus home im going to go pick him up and then come home and get ready for work..which is from 5-9. im just ready to come home and rest and sleep in a little on sure till 8 will be nice. i dont know if we will go to any open houses this weekend, but it could be possible . hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wiped out

Well after the emergency room and coming home we were bushed. yesterday we mostly relaxed and only ran out because we needed too. Last nite we had a scrumptious dinner and then lazed around till we put the kids to bed, and i was soooo tired i was falling asleep on the couch at 5 pm...yes 5 pm but stayed awake by cooking and doing dishes, and finally not being able to keep my eyes open anymore i went to bed at 1030. i woke up at 730 , i feel sorta rested by my eyes still feel tired. The hubs was even more tired than me since he has been working on the road and has to be out the door by 530 am.He was falling asleep on the floor yesterday at like 4, so why he stayed up till 11 is beyond me ..for sure. When i went to bed he was like, what are you doing? I was thinking in my head..are you serious what does it look like im doing...but i just said going to bed and he was like why, im like because im tired but in my head thinking "DUH" . Today is more rest and probably a nap, since i still feel tired, since i have to work tonite..which sucks, i hate my job. i work in a pharmacy, and im a work horse, i not only take care of the customers i do all the stuff no one else does like garbage etc. everyone runs out of there as quick as can hoping i get a job elsewhere. but i have to only work tonite and tomorrow nite which is fine by me, i was supposed to go to training on tuesday but we all know how that went. we went to the er instead...via ambulance! So im hoping we reschedule that soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not having the greatest week ever...

Oy what a week so far! it didnt start off too bad but has gotten progressivly worse and its only wednesday! Monday started off just fine for a monday and wasnt to bad but my husband had to go for a sleep study and so we both sleep crappy when apart, but his sleep was goin to be worse because of having all those wires attached. Needless to say we both went to bed at 10 and he kept getting woken up because of the tech coming in and out etc..i got woken up because i heard something at 11 and couldnt get back to bed till 1am ! OMG!...Needless to say i have to be up by 7 am but most days im up at 6-61(depending on how many snoozes the husband hits on the alarm clock. but i get up with him when he has to go to work, but yesterday i could sleep in till 7. so i got up but was way tired, you know the feeling, cant see straight, stumbling around like your drunk! so i got up and stayed up got E off to school and then did stuff around the house, and ran some errands. M and I came home and he watched Kai-lan and i putzed around on the internet, (posting a post on the blog and facebooking!) till the hubby got home from work, we watched pawn stars from the dvr and the kids went out to play, and around 5 i started getting ready to go to a class for work..and looking forward to coming home at 8 having dinner and watching the new seasons of the two of the shows i watch ) thats when the nite went wrong ...very very very wrong. the boys were outside playing with the neighbor kids, and that was fine, they were playing tag in fact. So im getting my stuff together to leave and i hear E crying outside,my husband said dont worry about it he probably just got tagged and doesnt want to be it or something. So thats when i went to the back door and E is standing on the deck crying, I ask him whats wrong and he said...i broke my arm..well i was like how, he had hurt his armpit the other day tryin to climb the tree (with the older neighbor boys) but couldnt quite get his version of breaking his arm and ours is different! So needless to say i can see that something is wrong because his left arm is sagging, i was thinking in my head, ok so maybe he was trying to do what they were doing and just hit it or something, but he was crying. Now let me describe E to you..he is 7 ..weighs 41 lbs and is tall and skinny...( he was 6 lbs at birth) but hes just always been long lean and lanky. So I open the screen door and bring him in and ask him where it hurts and he says his whole arm, so i move his shoulder around a bit and hes saying ow ow because he is tiny (his shirt was a size 7 but it was long in the sleeves) i pulled up his sleeve and see that something is definitely wrong, his elbow looked wrong his arm looked wrong. so i walk him into where my husband is and say "does this look wrong to you?" he takes one look and was like "um ya duh!" i was like do we just take him to the after hours clinic? he was like "call 911" so i called 911 and they proceed to roll out the ambulance, and we are scrambling to get stuff together, and him get dressed and get the other kids together, they come and deem that because E fell at least 10-15 ft from the tree that he could have neck back spine injuries besides his arm. so they neck brace him back board him and in this time we have a bag together for our 3 year old, birth certificates etc together for what they may need..we dont know since we are new to massachusetts. Our kids dont even have health insurance yet, because we cant afford it thru my husbands work and it takes 6-8 wks even to hear back from the state once you apply, which doesnt help in situations like this or in our 3 yr old who has respitory airway disease and asthma.. but because we were going in an ambulance we knew they would treat him. so the hubby was going to follow behind with the 3 yr old and i went in the ambulance with E and you knew he was in pain and they were trying to get an iv in but couldnt cuz his arms are little..and he was crying with every try(he was trying to be brave and they had him all braced up. ) but the hubs cant be there with needles etc ( what a wimp! seriously when i was having our 3 yr old he had to go out of the room for the iv cuz he was going to pass out!) so we finally get there and they do the warm blanket trick to hopefully get another iv in, and we ended up spending a long nite in the er. finally leaving at 1130 with a broken arm and dislocated elbow and a cast on and orders to see a pediatric orthopedist in a week, they dont know if it will require surgery, but E isnt going to school today, and ill have to figure out how to keep the pain down and the 3 yr old calm around him, but he loves E and kept saying while were there E has broken arm he hurt ...aww so it was a long nite folks! I hope the week starts looking up from here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yay for Tuesday nite tv

OMG! I am so glad today is tuesday, why you may ask? well TWO of my favorite shows are back on tonite after a break...and i cant wait! im sooo sooo sooo EXCITED! The first show is DEADLIEST CATCH on Discovery channel! we werent into the show when it first started then we caught a marathon of it one weekend and we were hooked! we have watched it for years, the last time it was on was last april, and so much has happened im sure! The most significant thing is that Captain Phil Harris the Captain of the FV Corneila Marie died on February 11, 2010 from complications from a stroke he suffered at the end of January. The sad thing is was that he was making such progress and strides and they thought he was going to recover and then BAM he was gone the next day soo soo sad.

The second show and for sure it doesnt come in second place at all is GLEE! omg omg i love this show, i missed the pilot last may when they showed it but once the regular season started in september i was all over it! Have you seen it? yes? maybe? NO? i call shenanigans and say if you havent seen it you should, its one of the best shows on tv! the music is soooo good! Everyone has been like one of those kids in school, the jock, the nerd etc. You cant help but fall in love with it ! My sister that lives in europe didnt get to watch it at all even though me and a few of her friends were recommending it, but finally she went to an internet cafe and downloaded the whole first half of the season and was in love by the end of the first ten minutes of the show..i knew she would be ! the last show was in december, and then of course its been off till now because american idol has been on but oh i cant way, and i know i cant watch both so i know i will be dvr'ing one and then watching the other at least tomorrow, but probably until their seasons are over, since most of the time im not home on tuesday nites. OY i may have to change that sometime in the future, but their you have it, what for sure will boil down to one of the great nites on tv. I have a lot of other shows i love and they will be another post , but im so excited about tuesday nite tv

Monday, April 12, 2010

Here goes Nothing....

Well, here goes nothing! This is my virgin post! Omg im very nervous about how this will turn out but if you never try you will never know! This blog will be about me, my family, kids, husband and all the adventures we go on and ones we have been on. I hope you will find something interesting!

Now onto it...

Oy today is monday, and its starting out just fine so far, but hang on to your pants things may change! I mean hey its monday right! Kids are at school, well except for one of course, laundry is going and dishes are done..what today may bring who knows, but the weekend was jam packed.

We recently just moved from the west coast to the east coast and drove the entire way..that was an undertaking all on its own. and will be a future post!

In our new home ( a way to small apartment!) we are squished in , and have begun house hunting. There is so much more we can afford here than what we could afford on the west coast. Now we are just trying to find something that fits everyone! we have been searching for 2 months now and have found a few we have liked, but nothing so far that screams "THIS IS THE ONE!" we have moved apartments a few times, but never a house, and if we can survive a cross country move we can survive moving into a house.....maybe!