Friday, January 6, 2012

its been a long time!

Hey Everyone~

How are things with you ? Last time i blogged i talked about how all of a sudden i got a gall bladder attack and had to have was painful. i was out for 19 days before i had the surgery then couldnt go back to work till Aug work wouldnt take me til the doctor cleared me and i could lift anything.

things have been moving swiftly since then. School started for the kids, we were looking at houses...found one fast, aug 30! put an offer in and it was accepted on the 31..we had the inspection in early sept and were supposed to close on sept 29 but the seller didnt have everything complete even though she swore she would. then they said the following week. that happened for a few weeks until finally we got to close on Oct 21!!! we started moving immidiately!! we had had things packed since sept anyways. The hubs hired movers for the 22, and they were supposed to be to the apt by 1pm, but then they called to say the job they were on would be awhile longer, that went on for hours, they kept calling and setting it back, we had even moved all the boxes out side so they could just put the boxes in the truck and then we had taken the beds apart so all they would have to load really is the boxes and furniture...pftt ! I was getting pissed. the hubs was just letting them walk all over him but he wasnt doing anything about we just finally moved everything in. the kids had fallen asleep and so just as were were changing for bed, we get a knock on the door at 10pm! oh my god i went off. your goin to try and move us at 10pm. Eff that, they told us they could come back before 4 the next day and we said no if they were going to do it we would be the first one.they said they couldnt they had booked clients for that hello we were booked clients for saturday and they didnt show up till 10 pm when they appt was for 1pm.

So we just decided that we would get a uhaul and move ourselves...which we have done everytime we moved. Even when people say they will help they never show. so we took all of sunday to move and then took the rest of the week to get everything...till we got the biggest snow storm..the day before halloween....things that happened during that are another post.

so we've been in our new house since then, and its going fine, no major issues. i want to get a puppy but the hubs says only small breed, weve looked at pompoos and papillons puggles and far no luck, people here want a fortune for them and shelters put you thru an inquisition to adopt one...even on craigslist for a mutt its 300$!!!! there are no free puppies to be found.

well we will keep looking.

Well im going to close here for now....