Friday, July 30, 2010

Picky Eaters? and other misc stuff...

Hi All~

hope your week has been going well. Everything has been good so far this week, here in the pepin house. The hubs has been working lots of over time this summer so besides having guests, family time has been to a minimum on weekends because hes usually working on the weekend, or at least saturdays. Then sunday we run errands if need be or just hang at the house. During the week its also cut to a minimum because hes usually working all day long and then on nites when i work he comes in the door and im literally walking out and dont see each other till about 10 pm and then we spend about an hour and then its bedtime. Hopefully that will change soon, im hoping to get a job in a school district so i can have the same schedule as the kids and we can be home together in the evenings. I have quit my part time job as it has drastically changed since i began there in december. When i first started working i was working 5 nites a week 5-9. Then in the spring they were changing the schedule and said we would be having a set schedule. so i chose to work m,t and th. E had boy scouts on wednesdays and i chose to have a long weekend with the fam as the hubs usually got some over time on fridays. My work really harrassed me about going to pharmacy training, to become a tech, which i completed in may. I never have utilized my training even as i was going thru it, except at the training store i was at. Everytime i was scheduled i only cashiered, which is fine i love being a customer service type person and im good at it. THe thing that bugged me was why have me do the training and waist that time if you werent ever going to allow me to use it. Id brought it to the attention of the pharmacist in charge and also the store manager and nothing changed. I also asked why i was only getting scheduled one day a week and then getting two weeks off and then 1 day again. For example the whole month of june i only worked 12 hrs....for the whole month. I live 45 minutes away from where i work so driving out there for 1 day is the money it takes to fill the gas tank. LAME LAME LAME!!!! I would leave notes asking why i wasnt being scheduled the 3 days they told me i was and they said the scheduling is like a jigsaw puzzle so they were trying to get everyone on . But they thing is people that they hired after me that are pharmacy interns were getting way more hours than me. Finally after i brought it to the store manager ive been getting at least 2 days a week but still nothing is changing, im still just cashiering. Ive asked for a transfer to a store closer to where i live..there are two like within 10 minutes. But then if they say they can take me and call the store i work out they refuse to let me go. So we just decided it would be better for me to quit stay home and hopefully get a job that goes better with the kids school schedule( school breaks the same, snow days sick days etc)

In other blog news/topics, M is a picky eater, and has been for about a year since he turned 3. My mother always told me feed your kids everything, even if you dont like it so they wont be picky.R never has been a picky eater in his 15 years. And E has always been a great eater, he likes trying new things and usually eats whats put in front of him. M was a great eater from the start then when he turned 3 it all went out the window. He eats good at lunch and breakfast , its usually when its dinner time, family functions or going out that i have issues. He likes a variety of things, but then he wont eat meat, really. If i make lasagna, spaghetti, american chop suey he wont pick the beef out, but if we have cheeseburgers, chicken breasts, pork etc he wont eat it, even with some sort of sauce to dip it in. he eats pizza with toppings. The wic people think its a texture issue that hes just having and will grow out of it but when, he will be 4 at the end of august!!! I am growing wary of having to prepare a meal then have to find something else for him to eat. he loves chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, fruit( fresh and canned) some veggies,cereal, mac and cheese,pbj, and tuna helper of all things( and eats it all and doesnt pick anything out!!) hes a great milk drinker and likes water, likes oj but not to many other juices( never really has) they take a childrens multi-vitamin. and i do try and introduce new things, or keep re-trying what we have already had before and have witnessed him eating it. Hes grown whiny about it or will just not eat it.Everyone has just said fix him what he likes so there wont be an issue but seriously? I have a sister who has been this way almost her whole life and my mom had 5 kids so imagine cooking dinner for your family and either they wont eat it or there portion has to be altered so they would. She is in her 20's now and still eats the same way. She has kids and i wonder if she only makes what she likes and gives them that instead of making other things for the family and then making something different for herself. I dont want M to be this way. We dont give him lots of milk to fill up on or snacks/treats either(except with the poo in the potty thing) so i have no idea what to do or how to resolve this. Help blog readers and fellow blogees! ( is that even a word?) Feel free to leave comments or email me !

What are your weekend plans? We are going to see the hubs mom and uncle they are camping and not sure if we are staying overnite tomorrow then hopefully coming home on sunday and hanging out. Im not to keen on this camping idea since there wont be other kids to play with and the hubs cousin who is close to his age wont be there either. So this should be interesting since when there is a family function thats mostly what he does is hang with his cousin. so we will see, he says i dont have to go but then if i dont its not participating in a family function and i wouldnt have a car since we are down to one car right now while hes repairing his....Lame!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Howdy Ya'all

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

Hope this finds everyone well. Its been busy as usual here. Not with just the kids but with work and life in general. Hopefully it slows down the next few weeks before schools back.

Im still looking for fellow bloggers and readers to send me recipes that i can share with my sister and to keep for myself. Im also looking for anyone to send me good summer reads. I read a book my sister left, and it was a good book but a very hard subject matter.

In other news my baby will be 4 soon! i cant believe it. it seems like the time has flown by! we have been trying to potty train since he was 2 but he was interested at first and would do it occasionally, then we sent him to a babysitter that unbeknownst to us was forcing him to sit on a regular potty with no potty seat till he would go because she didnt want to change diapers. Talk about a jekyll and hyde situation!! she was getting paid cash every friday, and having diapers provided for her, and claimed she would feed him becuase she would only have M and her same age son, because E and her daughter would be in school all day. Every day she was asking for us to provide food because she didnt have enough. She didnt have enough food? where was the money going that we paid her with? 110$ cash every week and she didnt have food? She also had her power shut off numerous times..and she knew my schedule was 730-430 m-f it never changed, so i would drop the kids at 715 and pick them up at 445 barring traffic or weather, and she also said that i wasnt getting them when i was supposed too, how is that, i couldnt clock out of work till 430 by the time i got to her house it was never later than 445 and if it was i called. so needless to say i had to quit my job because i couldnt find someone i could trust again and it had to be in the school district for E to get on the bus. We tried again to potty train M when he was 3 and he started doing it but then we found out we were getting our job transfer to the east coast.And that wasnt going to fly. because we would be driving cross country, and we wouldnt be able to stop every 15-45 min to go potty. We would be on the road for 10+ hrs a day in order to make it here in the short time that his work was allowing.
We started again this spring and it finally caught on. We were using the treat system of if he went pee pee he got 1 piece of candy or 3 chocolate chips. The hard part was getting him to poo in the potty it was like he was afraid to do that. Finally it worked! He has been able to do it. Ive been able to put undies on him and not have really any accidents, daddy is still unsure of that so if we go any long distances he wears a diaper. He is still wearing them at nite and nap time. But then because we have had visitors hes been in a diaper alot. Any suggestions on how to get it all the way with no diaper at either bed or naptime? Also we have yet to get him to go potty on a regular potty, here at home or in public, that is something we have yet to master. Our potty chair has a removeable top that you can place on the regular one but hes not into that. We got him to stand once but he didnt quite make it in, if you know what i mean. Hes by far been the hardest to get to do this. With R all i did was stick undies on him at 3 and never looked back we never had an accident. With E he would go sit on the potty on his own before each tubby and it took 2 days to poo train him. M by far has been the most mind boggling and stressful. Every one tells me that every kid is different and that not to compare but sheesh some days im ready to pull my hair out!

In other pepin family news im looking for new work. In washington i worked in medical records and i love love loved it. I hated to quit. We moved here in November and i got a part time nite job in december so 1 it would be a little extra income coming in and for 2 we wouldnt have to find and pay a sitter so we could pocket the money. Everything was fine for awhile. I was working lots of hours and doing training etc. In the spring my hours were getting less and less and i was close to finishing my pharmacy tech training. Even with me going to the training all i did was still cashier, but thats why they were pushing the training was because they needed me to do other things. Ive completed the training and here i am doing cashiering. I am supposed to be scheduled at least three days a week m-t- th and i am getting 1 day a week if im lucky. I got 12 hrs for the whole month of june and so far at least one day each week in july. Its just not helping anything. Ive tried to get a transfer to another store and that isnt working out. Ive said something to the pharmacist in charge and she has no answers. I finally said something to the store manager and she said that i would have to do the leg work for a transfer but if i found someone then i could go. Because the only other option is to quit. I cant fathom quitting without finding something else. which im desperatly trying to do, wether it be in the school district so i can have the same schedule as the kids or the hours that M would be in preschool if we could some how afford it. Things arent very good finace wise, the hubs is working tons of hours and giving up vacation days to go on road jobs just so we have extra money. The rent is affordable right now because it includes all utilities,which is great. but then we have car payments and food to buy and then of course lots of state taxes that we didnt have before. Plus we want to be able to go and do stuff. We had some set backs in early april and early may that werent planned that we havent been able to recover from. So im hoping our luck turns around on all avenues soon.

well im going to close this post out for now, please vote for us on top mommy blogs and also send those recipes and book suggestions this way! and i will be posting more now since things are winding down on this front! have a great monday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little bit of ....everything!!

Hey everyone!

I hope this finds you well! Everyone is great here. On Saturday July 10th we drove up to new hampshire to go see the inlaws and have R and karen meet them. We were going to go out on the boat but it was overcast and did rain. We just had a good time chit chatting and eating some food. We left to come home and got here and just relaxed. Sunday was going to be an early one for us. On sunday July 11 my sister was leaving and making the journey to Michigan. Her plane was leaving at 7 am so we needed to leave here by 5. The nite before she had dragged all of her luggage into the living room to re-pack it and make sure she had everything. And also so she wouldnt wake the kids up in trying to get the luggage out of the room etc in the early am. As we were re-packing her stuff she decided we should leave at 4 am just to make sure. We worked it out with R that he would stay with the kids, i mean they all were going to be sleeping at that point anyways.And off to bed the hubs and i went since we would be up before the sun. Karen was going to put E to bed with her and i told R not to stay up to late, i mean hes 15 its summer. 330am came oh so early!The hubs and i got up got dressed as best we could in the dark( oh yeah we have had weird sleeping arrangements since we have had summer family visiting!) E&R are sharing the boys room and when karen was here she slept in there too. Only for the fact that they all sleep like normal people and M is in our room with us, not only because he rarely sleeps past 8 but because it would be more conducive to everyone getting rest.The thing was when we came out of our room R was asleep on the couch and karen was no where to be found! The hubs went into the boys room and she was still asleep! She had just gotten a new cell and hadnt quite mastered it, she said she set 3 alarms and not one went off. No worries we were ahead of the game. She got ready in land speed record time and the hubs took the luggage out and we were off. She was getting stressed as this is a very difficult time.Shes been living abroad in the netherlands for 4 years and was moving home. Before she got to boston she had had movers come to her place and pack it up and what she came with was everything else. she had a great job in an international school and made tons of friends. Plus heading back to michigan which is home, wasnt going to be that hard, but she had been trying to find a job since march and wasnt hearing anything from anything she applied for. Plus she would have to get a job and then a car and place to live etc. But we headed out got her there way ahead of schedule and i being the weepy sensitive one, balled my eyes out as i was walking her to security. The hubs hugged her and was like why are you crying you will see her again, but still ive seen her less in the past 5 years than i would have liked and hated to have her go.

In other news we have had a break in the heat wave..finally. It was so unbearbly hot and humid nothing was enjoyable even going to the beach. One thing i did for my sister was make a recipe book. Of recipes that are in the family and have been passed down, but also ones that are my own. So im asking out there in the blogosphere : DO YOU HAVE ANY RECIPES THAT YOU CARE TO PASS ON TO ME AND HER? ID LOVE TO ADD SOME NEW STUFF TO MY COOKING REPERTOIRE AND GIVE HER MORE TO ADD TO THE BOOK. Please leave them in the comment section or email me.

Also what are you doing so far this summer? What are you going to do the rest of the summer? Do any of you have any good reccomendations for a good read this summer?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're feelin HOT! HOT ! HOT!

Howdy Everyone!

Hows everyone? Hope this finds you well! We on the other hand have been very busy and very hot! In case you havent heard the east coast is in the midst of a STEAMY HEATWAVE! we have been experienceing temps over 100 degrees.whew thats hot folks! Needless to say my sister arrived safe and sound from the netherlands on july 1 and we have been busy bees since then! We went to the town fireworks and small fair on july 3 (which is also our sisters birthday!) and we had a great time. the boys all played at the dunk tank..which they threw balls to see if they could dunk the firefighter. E got it on the first ball, missed the second and then got it again on the 3rd. Awsome job! M was next and they let him move really close. his balls were a bit off but the firefighter just picked him up and let him slap the target! he loved every second. R was next and he missed the first and got the second two. He has a pretty strong arm. I think he would be good at baseball or football, and E has only done soccer but i think baseball might be good for him! The Hubs was next and he missed the first two and hit the third! they all around had a good time even tho it was 98degrees at 7pm! After the dunk tank we proceeded to just walk around since there wasnt much to see, not like the fairs we had been to in washington state. then later on in the evening we watched the fireworks. It was a small show but it was decent.

On July 4th we headed into boston. We wanted to take them to explore and see some of the things we had already seen. It was a scorcher. The original plan was to stay for the fireworks but then the hubs had to leave monday for a road job and the fireworks werent starting till 1030pm.So that wasnt going to work. We left pretty early and tried to park by the charles river but they had closed parking close to the area, so we headed down to park close to Boston Common. We drove past Copley Square, and then our tour consisted of the common, fanueil hall, quincy market, old state hall, the old prison, the granary burial ground, the kings chapel and kings chapel cemetary, the frog pond which we waded in and played to cool off some,and then when we were done, we came back home and suited up and went to the lake to cool off. we got home about 530 and headed out as fast as everyone could change. and boy was it refreshing. Everyone was in! M is slowly getting used to the water. I mean dont get me wrong he loves it but he doesnt like to be splashed or forced to go deeper but he is slowly getting more and more daring! E is a fish and loves it along with R! so thats mostly what we have been doing in these soaring temps is beaching it. It makes for a good tan and we are there for usually 2-4 hrs. Not to much longer than that as the smaller kids get worn out in the heat! Up next this week we will be going to see TWILIGHT SAGA:ECLIPSE either friday nite or saturday nite, saturday day time we are heading up to see the hubs parents, all though are plans may change for whats goin on that day since its calling for t-storms and rain. And then sunday Karen is heading to michigan to start her stateside life again. She has already started her journey by getting a new cell phone for the states which she hasnt had for 4 years. She is having trouble not so much as to adjusting back but missing what she had there as far as friends and collegues. I always remind her she can go back for a visit. well im out of here for the day and will write more soon!

In other news: top mommy blogs has reset their voting and i have never asked for votes but could you all go to the button and vote for me so i can at least get in the rankings? thanks and smooches!

and in other news found out she was pregnant with triplets and then was told she lost one, only to find out its triplets again, so maybe it was quads? but we are so happy over here for her that we are constantly keeping her pbj and rob in our thoughts and prayers. and im sending out thoughts to my 3 angels to keep a close eye on her too! Please read her journey and keep her in your thoughts too!Thanks!