Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interesting...very interesting...

Happy Wednesday people!

Hope this finds you all well. As you know if you read this regularly or follow it at all, that my oldest son came home last week! It has been going well so far, as there is always an adjustment period. The thing im not getting is how he thinks his friends are more important than his mother brothers and family. I get and remember when your that age your life is your friends, but you would think that if you havent seen your family in awhile you would be psyched to see them, especially since we are living somewhere new and can do way more here in massachusetts than we were able to do in washington. He was fine the first two days then the attitude started, and the huffing and puffing. And also he is texting every 5 seconds. No matter what we are doing he is texting.Even before he left his dads he was posting messages on his facebook talking about he was leaving for the summer etc and no one was positive about it for him!! Ya i get they will miss him but they should be like have a great time! take lots of pics etc, not one person except for his dads aunt. Part of his problem is he doesnt want to stay as long as he is. well tuff toodles buddy, its the only other flights we could get in the same price, we arent made of money! and we tried to change it but cant afford the price change difference between the different tickets, and the fee, thats how the airlines make their money, the fees and the cost of the tickets, plus we have to pay for his seats and baggage. We explained that before he came and then since hes been here, and hes like well ill give it to the 12th then if im not likeing it i want to leave? i was like who is going to pay for that? he said my dad will come get me or my friends. i was like their parents are going to give them gas money and let them drive to the east coast ..i dont think so. and i know his dad wont do it he doesnt have the money. We will be fairly busy coming up so hopefully he will adjust his attitude because i think its rude. He needs to lay off the texting and give things a chance. Hell we have already spent more money here on "things to do" then we have then entire time we have lived here. On top of that my sister flies in tomorrow so she is here for 10 days which im excited about but i know she would tell him the same thing. I dont know if im over-reacting but damn its no way to treat people after they shell out the kind of money we have for all of this. yes im his parent and its part of the parenting job, but i have never taught him to be disrespectful etc. The hubs has been working between 50-80 hrs a week for at least 2 months to have money to do things and buy more food than normal because of how a 15 year old eats. he even acts like he cant stand to be around his brothers, when there are at least 7 kids at his dads that are younger than him. the whole thing makes me mad, for one because next summer we have already talked about him not staying so long, and thats even if he comes because he will be almost 17 and may have a job and his license by then.

So far we have bought a beach pass for the summer so on the hot days we can go there. we went and spent 100$ to go to battleship cove which he seemed to like. we've gone out to eat and also the drive in to see toy story 3 and prince of persia. we have spent so far 263$ on groceries and still have more to get. and the hubs wants to work on driving with him so when he gets to drivers training he will have some knowledge and he doesnt seem interested. everything we do go see hes texting. he says its cuz hes 15 and thats what they do but you would think that he would show interest. well im off to get busy for the arrival tomorrow, hope every one has a great week. we have the 4th coming up and tours of boston, cape cod, and ECLIPSE...YIPEEEE!!!!!!! i cant wait! have a great rest of the week everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy Thursday!

So this is going to be a multi-subject post...hold onto your pants! So as any of you know who read my blog, we have been anxiously awaiting the summer anticipation for the guest that would be coming and the long awaited return of my oldest son! R returned on June 22, and it couldnt have come any sooner. I love this boy beyond words. He is my first born. Dont get me wrong, but i love him so so much. It literally kills me to be away from him. His brothers are so glad to have him around they are getting to the point of annoying him. No matter how hard i try to have them leave him alone, they still are asking him questions,or just talking to him,jumping on him, etc. I just want to give him space to settle back in. But momma is excited that he is HOME!!! The hubs is also glad to have him around so he can teach him to drive! R has said that hes done a bit but brian just wants to give him some extra knowledge and recordable hours for when he takes drivers ed. AND I have to just say, i have gorgeous BOYS, but hes gotten so much more handsome. Hes 15 almost 16 and i can see why the girl would swoon over him. He is polite, he is a lover. hes always been compassionate. and now hes taller than his mom :( . I guess hes taller than his dad, hes taller than all of us ! He must get the height from my uncle because he is really tall.

Second thing for this post is today is my sexy ass husbands 30th birthday! Last nite we went to Dairy Queen and he picked out his cake. Instead of the regular ice cream cake with the crunchies he always chooses, this year he got a reeses blizzard cake. so that should be good. Today the boys are going to get him two things he asked for. I want to take him to dinner but i dont know if hes going to go for that, he said for his birthday he wants KFC, so we might just do that. Today im also going to take R around a bit, probably to the mall etc, to get out of the house, its hard to plan other stuff since brian works till 330, and doesnt get home till 4. We will have to plan other fun stuff for the weekends and some days brian has off.Last nite we also went partial grocery shopping. We didnt spend too much but let him get what he wants. hes a pretty good eater like E, so we dont have to be too picky.

Third thing for this post, is that 1 week from today, Karen is arriving from europe! O M G i cant wait. I havent seen her since 2008 but shes always been my favorite/ or the sister im closest too. she will be here for 10 days, which will be action packed and full of fun. i hope she wont be too jet lagged, she is beyond excited to be with the 3 boys.

Fourth thing for this blog. I am beyond excited for a fellow blogger that i follow, who has struggled with pcos, and just found out shes pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! yay! yay! yay! such a glorious miracle! i know i prayed to my 3 angels for her! if you havent read her blog you should!
she has a wealth of info on her blog about pcos and books and tons of stuff. i havent met her but would love to one day, along with these great gals:

so check those ladies out they ROCK!! Hope you all have a great thursday. and happy birthday baby i love you!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy monday Everyone!!

OMG OMG OMG , My baby comes home tomorrow. I know this is my first post in about a week but i have been busy trying to get ready for all this, and deal with regular household issues. Today is also the last day of school for E. As of noon today he will be a 2nd grader!!! So far today i have vacuumed the living room, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, swept in the dining area( to be mopped)washed a load of rugs,i still have to clean the bathroom, the kitchen table( all the school parafnaila? sp), the new pillows but those come with washing the new sheets,and just a bunch of little things that are last minute. Its hard to keep everything neat and tidy in a house full of boys,because usually after i do something i have a 3 year old coming behind me making a mess where i just cleaned! its perplexing to say the least!!

For fathers day we went to the hubs uncle's house for a family bbq and to celebrate all the birthdays for june. It was quite fun! But it made for a long day since it was extremely hot and humid out and i just knew all the things that needed to be done at home.

Its kind of that nervous stomache, that makes you sick etc. I know its my child and he wont care but still, plus with other family arriving, it is kind of uggh. plus i know the hubs is stressing out about it, or will begin too now that its here!

Also this week is the hubs 30th birthday! wahoo. Thursday the plan is to take him out to dinner. either have him come home from work and change and shower and go or take him clothes and meet him somewhere. He wants a slap chop for his bday, what a goob! but hes my goob so oh well. Off now to do more work, and my work just called and asked if i could go in. so i have to see if we can swing a sitter. just so i can get in there! hope everyone has a great rest of the day!


I know this is a day late but happy fathers day to my husband, dad, father in law, uncles stepdad and all of my friends out there that are dads. hope you all had a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Im so EXCITED!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Im soo very very excited! 8 days! 8 days till my son comes back home. Its been a few since i have seen him since i have to share him with his father, which for the record I HATE THAT! Im very excited that he will be home in 8 days and then a few short days after that is the hubs birthday he will be 30!Then the following week my sister will be moving home from EUROPE!!!! Shes been living there since august 2006...right before i had M. Im very excited for this because for 1. i havent gotten to see her very much. some reasons are that we lived in washington( i lived there to take care of my nanny). and then she lived in michigan and was going to school and etc. She came to washington for a family reunion, and then i saw her when of course i would go to moms to visit. and then i saw all of my siblings and extended family when my mother died unexpectedly in Oct 2005. Then she came for a usa extravaganza with bram in summer 2008 and they came to seattle for 2 days and we went and met them down there and toured seattle! it was so fun and it was the first time she was spending time with M in real life and not seeing him in photos. And E was so excited that she was there, and he loved bram. Now she is moving home after living there for 4 years and she is coming to boston for 10 days! She will have all 3 boys together . We are going to go to cape cod, tour/explore boston. go to the fireworks on the 4th of july in boston. Take her to meet the in-laws. Take her to just tour around. Her and I are going to see Eclipse from the twilight series as it comes out the day she gets here. I dont think 10 days is nearly long enough but i guess it will have to do. Shes been applying for jobs all over and hasnt heard anything, i am hoping that she would get a job here and then that way she would be super super close. I am still hoping for that.

also i switched the a more summery theme? what do you think? i think its perfect for now till i find something else! hope everyone has a fantastic monday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

On the mend!

Happy friday to everyone!

well i have been sick this past week, i know weird right, its june and i had a nasty something like it was the middle of winter. I have been busy despite being sick, i just havent been at the computer. In two weeks time we will have family and its going to be super duper busy, so i will be keeping the post short. Today i have a few errands to run and do today then im taking a nap. The hubs had to be up at 430am for work i got up with him and im already tired and its only 840 am. so i hope everyone has a great weekend . i hope i get to relax but im sure ill be busy! have a great friday everyone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting busier and busier!

Happy Monday everyone!

We are getting busier and busier as the month goes on. We are preparing for family to come visit and working and still have school. And lately we have plans on the weekends which isnt leaving much time for relaxing. I hope that this coming weekend we can just relax and do what we want to do if anything.The weekend of fathers day we have a bbq in new hampshire to go to then school is out june 21 then people start flying in on the 22. and from then to august 18 it will be busy! I just hope it all goes smoothly!

hope you guys have a great monday

Thursday, June 3, 2010



happy thursday! yippee!! sorry its been since monday that i last wrote but i have had to work a few days this week and also i have been sick. im still sick. The hubs got to come home last friday, it was glorious after he'd been gone all week. He looked so skinny to me when he walked in the door.we spent family time this weekend. we went to garage sales, we didnt find anything, we took the kids to the park and let them play themselves out. we ran errands to the store and then we basically just watched movies and stayed home. it was nice, he was going to have to leave early on monday anyways so we were trying to spend as much time as possible. Last week was a bit easier as the kids didnt see him leave to go on his road trip, they knew he had went to work and were in bed before they knew he hadnt come home. So this week has been a bit tougher since they were going to see him leave. M came down with a runny nose, and at the park seemed to have a bit of trouble breathing so we gave him a breathing treatment that nite. he slept fine, the next nite he woke up like 4 times .....uggh. So needless to say the hubs and i came down with runny/stuffy noses and sore throats. mine seems way worse ..i only say that because i have been dealing with him all week, but the hubs has sounded like crap every time i have talked to him. We are trying to get this gone before the weekend, because we have a party on saturday but also because family is coming to town at the end of june starting the 22.and off starts the busy household of the summer. So i apologize for not writing since monday its just because i have been sick and trying to beat this, its looking up today my throat hasnt hurt as much today but i still have a stuffy nose and im getting more sleepy the more i type. So its off to bed for me folks!Nite