Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Its all about the changes!

Hi Everyone!!!

i know its been awhile...since August. But we are alive and doing well. As any of you have read, you of have read, its been a tough couple of years for us. My husband was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago, and its been a roller coaster since. Two years ago he mentioned getting divorced but we managed to work it out, and we bought a house and our life was moving in the right direction.  To have the house and both have jobs and everything being positive...to have him bring up divorce again one week after my birthday was a shock. 

He served me with preliminary papers in January. Everything was fine, and then a week before Easter the kids told me that my husband had shot a BB gun at them...NO BBS hit the kids!! But he did it because they weren't listening to them.  Then on Easter he pointed a paintball gun at me and turned on the air and wanted to shoot me with it. Well that Monday i got a call from my kids school saying that they were scared enough to get the district and authorities involved if i didn't move to correct the problem. That day my neighbor took me to get a restraining order, I had no choice really , i wasn't even given the opportunity to confront him. 

Of course the first initial restraining order was only for ten days and he wasn't allowed to our house or near the kids or myself, after the ten days was up and the order was somewhat modified but was put in  place till June. 

We had a court date august 1 and the divorce would be final November 1. 

He has come over and things have gone well, and he has also come over and its been a disaster because he wasn't having a good day.

i still love him, and wont turn my back on him. But i didn't do anything to deserve any of this especially my kids. He put our house up for sale in mid august. but me and the kids are still living here and have to deal with people coming for showings. 

He keeps threatening to take me back to court, to have us thrown out but it is ordered by the court that we get to stay here till it sells. .

If he was to ever get us removed we would be homeless and i don't think the court would allow it.

 the other change is that yes its been a tough 8 months since the restraining order but the past few I'm seeing things turn around, and we are accepting our new life. We are doing OK, Yes things are a bit tougher but I'm getting by. and my attitude is you may have knocked me down but if he thought he was going to keep me there he was wrong and i always come out stronger on the other side. I'm excited that I'm able to say that as i haven't ever said that since this is going on. 

till next time friends <3 font="">