Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This post is all about a high school friend Ray Plouhar who was killed in action in iraq . today is the anniversary. he is a true hometown hero.he is sorely missed by all who knew him and is never forgotten.  he died exactly 30 days after he turned 30.

we miss you! please remember him today and say a prayer he did give his life for you!





Monday, June 25, 2012

The craziness that has become our lives

Wow! is all i have to say. Its been crazy around here. Not only with work and the boys school but also the  and still fostering macy the prego momma. She had 6 beautiful babies and they were pretty good pups except for bear..he was #1 and he came out making noise and was very noisy alot ..for example if they were playing and one did something he would scream, he screamed when he got shots, when they were finally able to go outside, we would take 3 out a time he screamed even tho he had two siblings with him. It was getting annoying and as everyone was getting adopted he wasnt, but finally he was the last to go..and seemed to go to an outstanding family. Thank heavens!The rescue i work with if anyone is interested in saving a life is  http://newenglandallbreedrescue.org they are amazing. they also transport,   you can find available dogs and pups thru petfinder, search under rescue and also on petango, and search under rescue. We also could use fosters. 

In other news, May 2 my angel girl wouldve been 16. its been along time.Seems so unreal how time flies by but you still get stuck in those/ that moment. But as god took an angel from me she sent an angel down to my sister as my nephew was born on her birthday so now we have two angels to celebrate!

In late may i was gearing up for my big trip ....i was headed out to michigan to see my baby R graduate from high school. First it was going to be a family trip then just me and the boys then  a family then me and the boys and it went on like this for awhile as the hubs didnt know if he was going to work. Finally he had to work so the boys and i headed out for a  long drive as we didnt know if i was going to make the drive in one full day.especially with the kids.The drive wasnt too bad, made it to the half way mark around two and got to michigan at 9. we only had a short time, i was there from the 6-11. as i gave myself leeway for the drive issue before i actually made the drive, i couldve left the 12 but didnt want to chance it. It was a great time, i spent alot of time with my baby, and he spent time with his brothers and then we spent time with the family and then came the big day Sunday June 10th. Such an accomplishment and so happy and grateful and proud of my boy. and he looked so handsome. just mere weeks before i was getting pics from the prom ( his first one) he asked his date in such a romantic creative way, ( he gets it from me) and they looked gorgeous that nite, i would hope he had a good time because hes not really a dancer but he said he had an amazing time :D He is very smitten over this girl. it was funny at graduation that she came over to get pics with him and he was going to go over and get pics with her family ...which they did. His dad and I actually got along, i think he finally gets it or doesnt care because R will be 18 in october.  We took him from graduation and did dinner on my side since some people were going to be leaving to head back home and i was leaving the next day. then he got a text and just as i said "how come you didnt introduce me to anna?" she said the same thing, so we met up later that evening, i really like her they are both quiet and seem to get along great. shes very polite very athletic and shes special to him. BE STILL MY FREAKIN HEART, HES MY BABY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!.

Also we went to the cemetery while i was there, as i hadnt been in 6.5 yrs ( since my mom died) and it was fine except there was no way to mark her, so one day i went with the three boys and they all brought a rock and i made a handmade stick cross then i went shopping and made a plaque with her name its wooden and has her name etc, i got a mini flag pole and a flag with butterflies as i have a butterfly tattoo for her, a moon and star wind chime and then a small turtle and frog statues, it came out nice and hopefully it will stay the only thing i couldnt do was find a garden stake of any sort to put the plaque on to put it into the ground instead of having it just rest. i was given lots of compliments on it. its the only way to mark her if anyone does go and see her. and the amazing thing i knew right where she was the moment i pulled in. even tho more people have been placed it was like a beacon...or maybe just a mom thing. I didnt cry when i had the boys with me R was surprised but the younger kids didnt really get it. The day i went and placed everything i almost cried and laid with her and wished beyond words that id never had to leave her there, wishing i could bring her with me.But sadly it isnt so.

it seems like my trip flew by which it did and it was to short of a time to be with my baby. his school plans are up in the air but hopefully he will come out here for a period of time.

E is off to 4th grade this year and we are keeping M in kindergarten because hes such a young five. he turned 5 three days before school started, he enjoyed it but also he would get overwhelmed too.  

well thats all i have for now in life updates hope this finds everyone happy healthy and enjoying their summer!

Michaelas cemetary marker 

Me and my graduate :)


my baby and me



Proud mom


me and my boys

the graduate

Mom aunts and the graduate


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy birthday to the gorgeous hubs