Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wow so much to catch up on!

Hey Everybody!

long time no post....ive been unbelievably busy and distracted its ridiculous. In june i went to michigan to see my baby graduate from high school. it was a proud proud proud mommy moment. i was only there for a short time. then came back home and back to the grind of work. the summer went by so so fast. For M's birthday we went camping for a few days and it was fun. we stayed in a cabin and the kids just were able to go anywhere in the park. The hubs took them canooing, and we painted ceramics. it was very restful.

Right after camping we came home and it was back to school time. We kept M back in kindergarten even though he just turned 6, but he was a young 5 when he went last year so its definitely is helping him. E started 4th grade and has been doing exceptionally well. and of course R started college in august, wow how time flies.

R played rugby in the fall and i almost had a heart attack. i have no idea really what it is but all i know is my baby had 2 black eyes. :(

E played flag football this fall and he did really well and it was awesome for him to do, we had a blast . His team came in second in their superbowl. he even got his first trophy and he was so proud as are we.

Other than that. Ive decided to take up a new hobby and that is jewelry making. i have an etsy shop but yet to have anything in it. its called custom jewelry by christa or christas custom jewelry. it definitely is a new adventure. My other new adventure is im going to college! it will all be online of course but hey its a starting point.

as for now thats all . i will post again soon