Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow Its been crazy around here!

Hi all!

Wow this month is flying by.. for sure. As some or all of you may know i started a new job. My orientation was on the 16th and it was 7 hrs long. That day i got my schedule till dec 3. The rest of that week i only worked till 9pm, then i was off the weekend, and that monday i started my 5-1230 am shift. OMG i felt like a zombie the next morning. I came home changed and went to bed. I must confess..i hate not being able to go to bed with my husband. Even though he may have just gone to bed at 11-1130 its still not the same. Technically we close at 12 am and then we have to wait while the 3rd shift rings up any snacks drinks etc( as its the last opportunity) so we can clock out at 12:25. This is far different than what they told me at orientation. they told us the latest you get out is 12:10. It takes me about 10 minutes to get home. I usually come in put my stuff down, grab my stuff , go to the bathroom and get in bed. After the first few days i have done ok getting up the next morning. And i usually take a nap during the day so as to not be so tired. I was off the wed prior to thanksgivng and thanksgiving. Then I had to work BLACK FRIDAY, granted i worked a 5- 1230 shift but they swore that it would be chaos during the day and that we would be dead at nite. um not so much! Apparently people are used to the sale being over at 11 am not lasting till midnite so after 11 am it slowed way down. so they sent people home early etc. well that caused issues for us nite people and on top of that people called in so there was like 4 cashiers and then people in their various departments. it was madness!
I worked the weekend 12-9. I came home early sunday as at about 300pm i started feeling horrible, i had eaten before i went to work, but they had given us some candy one thing i did eat was a white chocolate candy cane hershey kiss, i hate hate hate white chocolate so i dont know if that started it or what. I asked if there was anything i could do that didnt deal with being on a register or people. it just felt like i was getting worse. It felt like my insides were going to fall out. it was a stabby crampy feeling in my tummy. No it wasnt that time of the month i had already had that. it was excruciating pain. i was feeling like crap. from not eating , not sure but i was having bouts of being hot then cold. they sent me to lunch early and i couldnt eat the food i brought i kept running to the bathroom thinking i was going to vomit. ( sorry gross i know) they had me do meaning less jobs that had me away from people. They had me jump on really quick to ring one person up so i did and then this lady could clearly see that i was closed got in line so i had to ring her up so after she spent 400$ and i was waiting on her she was so slow doing her debit card, i almost passed out. i went and sat down and they sent me home at 6pm.so i didnt miss to much work but gosh i havent felt that bad in a long time. i sipped some chicken broth and ate some crackers and that was it and yesterday i ate a bagel and then ate dinner and drank water most of the day. Today i feel a bit better , so i dont know. I called the dr and they said if it changed or got worse i needed to be seen as it could be my appendix. way to freak someone out. Plus it helped that i was off yesterday today and tomorrow and i work thurs, fri ,sat and sun. Sat will be nice as its only 9-2.

In other news im taking E to the dr on the 1st to see about him having add/adhd. He is having some troubles in school , disturbing others, is fidgety, at home hes very defiant and is having meltdowns and ripping homework up so hopefully if they give him some meds it may help him out. Hopefully this weekend we will get a tree. i cant wait to have more time with the hubs and kids. granted sunday i work 1-10 :(

I hope this finds you all well.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Hi All~

Wow i cant believe thanksgiving has come and gone. We have been so busy here in our house. Me with the new job, and the kids conferences and all out just being busy, and not spending much time together at all! But that changed starting 11/24. I had the day off of work, and the kids had a half day and we were all going to be home thursday. Me and M ran some last minute errands and then came home to meet E's bus. We had a nice lunch and then some rest time. We stayed up late that nite since we didnt have anywhere to be on thursday. We got up and the hubs went and got donuts from "punkin donuts " as M calls it ( dunkin donuts if you cant decipher ) the hubs then messed around with his project hes building and the kids played. i got to read and just relax.Since it was going to be just us we didnt have to get up and start cooking. we put our turkey breast in at about 230 and let it cook for about 3 hrs and it turned out perfect. Mind you this is the first time we have ever cooked for thanksgiving ourselves. we had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn,stuffing,and cranberries. it was so good. we were very proud of ourselves. because in the past it has turned out to be disasterous so we have always gone to someones house. The hubs was so pleased with how it turned out that he said we could do it again since it was also so easy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

Hi Everyone

This post will be short sweet and to the point!

Happy Veterans day! this is huge thank you to all the service members who are serving, have served and have also gaven their lives for us. You are greatly appreciated. We will never be able to repay you for the things you give up in order to protect us and our freedoms. Thank you to my grandfathers, my dad, my husband, my cousin anthony and my brother. thank you to my friend raymond j plouhar who gave his life for the cause. It just seems like thank you isnt enough.

Monday, November 8, 2010

If you really knew me..happy birthday its a post all about me...

Hi Everyone!

Todays post is all about me! For today is my birthday!

If you really knew me.....

Name: Christa Kathleen
Dob: 11/8/75
I was born in : California
I grew up in : Michigan
I am: the oldest of 5 kids ; 4 girls and 1 boy (hes in the middle)
I am : victim of domestic violence (disclaimer: not by my hubs or my ex hubs, by some one completely unrelated)
I : love to read, when i was in kindergarten i read 500 books for a reading contest
My favorite colors are : blue then green
I am: a good cook
I am: a great MOM
I have had: 4 kids, R is the oldest at 16, Michaela was born 5-2-97 (deceased the same day) E is 7 and M is 4
I have : a huge heart. I love hard and deep, and it hurts when things dont go right
Im very creative
I dont normally eat breakfast
That when i was little we used to travel alot
My hubs and i have only been on one vacay together and we took the kids to disney ( i think its time at least for a weekend without them!)
My favorite fruit is strawberries, i ate a lb a day when i was pregnant with M, second i like pears, i ate those with E.
My mom died in 2005 unexpectedly, it is heartwrenching every day to know what she is missing..
My husband is my life, i know it may sound bad but when the kids are gone, he and i will be together.
When i was younger and asked what i wanted to be when i grow up my answer was a MOM.
i was really close to my nanny, she died 1 yr and 8 days after my mom.I lived with her for years to take care of her.
That my oldest son doesnt live with me all the time, (not by choice!!)
That i have a huge heart and dont do much for myself as i do for others!
That i hold stress and pain in and hardly let it show when something is hurting or bothering me
That i would love someone to come and clean my house and it stay that way
That i was in choir since 6th grade and took 4 years of private lessons
One of my favorite shows is GLEE!!
I watch a lot of crime shows: 48 hrs mystery, csi, law and order svu and criminal intent
i love reality shows like : jersey shore, the rachel zoe project, 16 and pregnant, teen mom
i love reading mommy blogs: you guys know who you are !!
Im becoming a hunting widow for the first time! my husband is leaving tomorrow to go hunting!
I dream of going to IRELAND
Im half irish and half italian!
I love the snow at xmas and the sun in the summer and spring
I wish i had enough money so my kids and me and the hubs could get what we need and some of what we want.
One of my favorite restaraunts is chilis! i love going for chicken fajitas and a dr pepper and their chips and salsa, hell alot of the time i go just to pick up chips and salsa
That i have a hard time trusting, due to some epic things from my past.
That i love boy bands: bsb, nkotb, nsync..lol
That i heart justin bieber, he makes me smile and reminds me of my own 16 yr old
That the only soap opera that i have watched continuously is General Hospital
That i wish that i had enough money to buy all my siblings houses so we could all live close and raise our kids together. Maybe all in the same neighborhood!
That i have only had one pro massage ever and it was heavenly
That i dont ever look my age, i never have, im always told i look way younger than i am, heck my oldest thinks im 25! ha love it! i look like im 21 though( i think i get it from my momma, she was 51 when she died and didnt look her age either!)
That i listen to all types of music

Well thats all i can think of, since i had no one asking me questions , i just have thought as i type! enjoy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Update on the happenings with M...

Hi Everyone!

Things have just been crazy here since the end of September! Well let me give you some background. On September 8th i took M to be evauluated for the preschool that is within the school district. He walked in and didnt even look back, unlike his brother when i did it with him he hid behind me and hardly co-operated. M wanted to go to school. Soon the eval was over and they told me that they had to set up a meeting to get the results...so we had to wait till September 22 to get those. Well i went into the meeting expecting them to say that he qualified etc. Which he does but they also said that they saw something wrong with his eyes, and that they wanted him to have the pediatrician just look at them the next time i took him.So now that he qualified for the preschool they deemed that he would go 3 days a week for 2.5 hrs a day. He would get speech and the ot specialist would monitor him in class but thats about it. They are kind of fast tracking him since he will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Speech i can understand because some words you simply cannot understand. They said they would add more days if need be but they wanted to have him get in and get him going before they change anything.So M was going to start the following monday as to give them time to finish the paperwork and set up the bus. I set up an appt for the pediatrician for that week. Here on the east coast its called a physical instead of a well check but whatev! So they told me they would do a vision screen and hearing test during the appt as well as talk about what the eval for the preschool said and any concerns we had ourselves about things with him. So we go and he is getting the hearing test first, first i have to say that i didnt think he would understand what is required of him, as it was he didnt really, but then they moved onto vision and he passed that. The dr wasnt to concerned about the eval and thought that he would be fine but thought that maybe they should be requiring him to go 5 days since he would go to kindergarten. M has asthma and respitory airway disease, we didnt find this out till he was like 1 but we only found out since he kept getting croup really bad and the drs kept saying it was just a cold. I dont see M as being behind in any way that people would think he needs speech and stuff , but hes stayed home with me from Jan 2009 till he started the preschool this past sept. The kids used to go to daycare full time and i worked full time but pulled them out when i found out the provider was abusing them. So also at the dr appt he got his kindergarten shots and the dr noticed the thing with his eyes and because to them he failed the hearing test referred him to a specialist and to the eye dr for them to check his eyes. So thats when i started freaking out. What do you mean something is wrong with his eyes? What do you mean he failed the hearing test..so what does he have hearing loss is he deaf ? what the eff is going on? They were surprised he heard anything since he had a mild ear infection in his right ear. but they said he didnt hear anything on the left..but again i didnt think he would get what they wanted him to do. So off we went to the eye dr. Not to scary as what i thought he did fine, ends up he is farsighted and needs glasses. Then off to the hearing specialist, they do the tests etc ask a bunch of questions, but they say that the testing at the peds office isnt really reliable because they dont really know how to test the kids or get them to do what needs to be done for the test.

So you can imagine after weeks of freaking out and the panic that insues when you hear something may be physically wrong with your child, the relief that he has NO hearing loss and wearing glasses isnt a big deal. He actually likes his glasses and loves going to school and loves that he gets to ride the bus. He loves that he got to have a halloween party at school and that he is so proud when he brings home papers he does and shows them to us and hangs them on the fridge!

Yes some days are a chore like any day, with kids and school, he sometimes doesnt want to go when he wakes up but when the bus gets here hes ready. AND I get to have 2.5 hrs of peace and quiet in my house with no one but me in it. So i use it to watch my shows on the dvr, laundry, dishes,etc , stuff that takes longer or gets messed up when i do it with everyone here!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Post to come soon..well a few

Hi everyone!

Sorry its been awhile but not only having my 16 yr olds birthday this month, then the anniversary of my mothers death,then 8 days after her it was the anniversary of my nanny's death, with whom i was very close too and also i lived with her for a while and took care of her. Then we also had some specialist appts for M and i will have a post on that! But some ideas i have for posts besides one for halloween with pics and also the one on M, but i think im going to have one about hunting. I know some may frown on it, but truly i have never experienced it. My husband used to go with his father when he was younger and he is going again next week for the first time in id say about 10 years. He is beyond excited to go. He will be out there opening day. So in my post about hunting, i will consult the hubs and ask him types of gear you might wear and use. Things you may look for etc. It might get some criticisim, but who knows. We dont eat it, he will take it to a butcher and then give it away, and then take it to a taxidermy.

I also will have a post all about me for my birthday on the 8th. Im still working at the golden arches and its going well, still looking for something better but so far nothing yet!and another for thanksgiving! hope this finds everyone well! Check back often for new posts!