Thursday, December 16, 2010

Going on 48 hrs of Hell!

Hi all~
We are going on 48 hrs of hell. to be blunt about it. It all started tuesday nite. I was here waiting for the hubs to get home and was ready for work and the kids were playing. We live in an apt and its small, so sometimes if the neighbor is home (he lives above us) you can hear the water running, like if he turns his sink on or flushes his toilet etc. So i was hearing water and i was like sheesh, but then it sounded like a waterfall, or a rippling brook. BUT IT WASNT!!!! i go to where i think the sound is coming from..towards the laundry room. so at first im thinking the water hose from the washer came off or something, but no it couldnt be that simple. It was the water heater/tank. Water was coming out all over the place. i ran back to the living room and grabbed the phone and tried to call the hubs, but he didnt answer so i ran out the front door to the neighbors to get the emergency maintenance #. So i call the emergency maintenance # and identify where we live etc and tell him whats going on and he says and i quote" can you call me back in 10 minutes?" Im thinking "SERIOUSLY?" so i go back to the neighbors and see if she can keep the kids and in the meanwhile without my knowledge the property management company calls my husband to ask him if i know how to shut the water off. He has no clue as to what has transpired at all. The neighbor tells me a maintenance man is working on site in #7 redoing it so maybe he can get the water off. He comes over and he sees the mass flooding going on and goes into the laundry room and proceeds to locate the shut off which is AT THE CEILING!! how is someone my height going to reach that, and why wouldnt it be where someone can reach it? But the damage is done the entire house is flooded, and im not kidding about 90 gallons of water all over the house, wall to wall in both bedrooms and about half way into the living room. The maintenance guy that was on site proceeded to call the emergency guy and said you need to get a bigger shop vac and a mop. He starts to shop vac etc but its everywhere. What a pain. Of course this would happen to us. a week before xmas. the kids gifts were in our room and they were in bags but who knows how bad their packages are damaged. The property management co called the hubs and stated to him " you need to elevate your stuff" he yelled back into the phone " you have to elevate the entire apartment!" This wasnt boding well for his panic/anxiety issue. To top it all off he was scheduled to go to Maine for work on wednesday thats why he was freaking out more. Plus he knew he wasnt going to be around and that i had to work wednesday nite so it wasnt helping. So that nite they shop vac'ed as best they could and had some blowers going and then came the next morning and replaced the water heater, cleaned and mopped and we were waiting on the pro carpet co..which didnt show up before i had to go to work. they also brought in some de-humidifiers...but the smell is smells musty etc Tomorrow they are going to bring in more blowers to try and help it out. This is just what we need. UGGH we need to win the lottery or something. bring us some good luck for a change

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