Sunday, March 18, 2012

Been Busy? Just a tad

Wow !
Hey everyone, its been a bit busy around our household lately.Not only with the kids school and our new regiment for that but also the hubs has been super busy at work. As you may or may have not read we bought our first home in Oct. Everything kept getting delayed because of the previous owner,she would promise it would be done by our close date which was Sept 29 and it never happened, we didnt close till Oct 21. we still arent unpacked from it, we have no pics on the wall there isnt enough storage in the kitchen. we got the kids room sort of put together but the only toys that they have in there are the ones from xmas. we dont have our bed frame even up because we have original hardwoods in our room so we just have a dresser and our boxspring and matteress is on the floor. The room across from us doenst have a door or a closet ( we originally were going to choose that for a room but the hubs decided that the other room would be better even though it has ac closet, the rooms upstairs are huge and im not sure if they are the same size but they are both huge. one side we have a little office set up, then we have a tv up in there for the kids to watch their shows, we have boxes on one half (till we can go thru and see what can go down in the basement. and then in one small corner the hubs has his paintball stuff. here is a video of one of the walk thrus of the house, sorry it can be a bit jumpy my husband is using his go pro camera and has it on his head! the video is below :)

in other news we chose to keep the kids in the same district we they were in...and i work out that way so it just seems easier as to drive them since i go that way anyways. so its pain on my days off to have to take them but we dont know much about the district we moved in so im not sure that we would ever move them.

IN AWSOME NEWS: my older son may be moving with us permenetly! he graduates in june which is about 11-12 weeks from now. the hubs is not sure if he is going to be able to make it even though he wants to go and weve been planning it most of the year. but there has been tons of work lately so it may be just me and the younger kids. so it will be nice to see my siblings and some of my neices and nephews. AND BOY OH BOY IM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY BOY GRADUATE!!!

And other exciting news we've become foster parents to dogs from rescue specifically NEW ENGLAND ALL BREED RESCUE. to be a foster you just have to provide a loving warm home and they give you the food and all the vetting! the first dog we got was a jack russel mix, and he was so smart, i had him taught to sit and stay within 20 minutes, he loved the hubs ! now we have what used to be a pregnant momma and she delivered 6 pups on february 29th. theyre all gorgeous and i call them my puppy army. im trying to convince the hubs to let me keep one. im not sure what i will do when they have to be adopted out but they are going to let me do the adoptions so , i will be pick and then after the pups are ready both pups and momma will be up for adoption. here is their website if you are in new england. they do transport so think about giving one a new home, they have all ages breeds sizes and sometimes they are rescuing from down south and bringing them here to get new homes! here is their facebook page :

Check them out its worth it! thats all for today and we are caught up so ill be back we've been having awsome weather here in new england, high 50's mid 60's and this week into the 70's wahoo!

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