Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a summer!!t

Hey Everyone~

Its been a long time since i last posted! Well as some of you may have read, my husband and i were having some put it easily. Well we went to court on May 2 and nothing really changed. He continues to bully and dictate what he wants done, despite that he moved out. He spent money like a mad man and he also was pushing for us to come to a settlement so he would know how much he would be paying me.

Everything was semi worked out but he still comes over to just dictate and be bossy. Mean while still not sleeping well . He will come over to see penny and he will fall asleep. Don't get me wrong i love him. And i miss him. But sometimes hes a pain in the rear!

In other news...the kids and i are coping well. We haven't had much of  a summer compared to others because for one i don't have a car and for two no money. We went to the beach with the neighbors a few times just to get out of the house and then M's birthday was just last week so we took him to chilis for a special birthday dinner and then on his actual birthday we got a cake and just had the neighbors over. My
husband came over Sunday and picked up M and took him shopping.

Now we are just gearing up for school !!! YAY ! YAY! YAY!

Don't get me wrong i love my kid but being home all summer with nothing really to do and no car...its been a bit overwhelming besides having to deal with all the other crap going on.

E is going into 5th grade and he is going to the middle school which i can see will be a bumpy start! But hopefully he will adapt well to it.

M is going into 1st grade and while I'm very excited for this he is worried about too much writing. LOL! yea  he is in for 11 more years of school,these kids now a days have to buck up.

R is back for his sophomore year of college, and will be playing rugby again starting in September.

Not to much else is going on, im tired of the new england humidity and ready for cooler weather ...and fall all the smells and tastes and sights. One of the things i want to try and do is get to Salem.... Ive always wanted to go there!

Well im off for now!

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