Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're feelin HOT! HOT ! HOT!

Howdy Everyone!

Hows everyone? Hope this finds you well! We on the other hand have been very busy and very hot! In case you havent heard the east coast is in the midst of a STEAMY HEATWAVE! we have been experienceing temps over 100 degrees.whew thats hot folks! Needless to say my sister arrived safe and sound from the netherlands on july 1 and we have been busy bees since then! We went to the town fireworks and small fair on july 3 (which is also our sisters birthday!) and we had a great time. the boys all played at the dunk tank..which they threw balls to see if they could dunk the firefighter. E got it on the first ball, missed the second and then got it again on the 3rd. Awsome job! M was next and they let him move really close. his balls were a bit off but the firefighter just picked him up and let him slap the target! he loved every second. R was next and he missed the first and got the second two. He has a pretty strong arm. I think he would be good at baseball or football, and E has only done soccer but i think baseball might be good for him! The Hubs was next and he missed the first two and hit the third! they all around had a good time even tho it was 98degrees at 7pm! After the dunk tank we proceeded to just walk around since there wasnt much to see, not like the fairs we had been to in washington state. then later on in the evening we watched the fireworks. It was a small show but it was decent.

On July 4th we headed into boston. We wanted to take them to explore and see some of the things we had already seen. It was a scorcher. The original plan was to stay for the fireworks but then the hubs had to leave monday for a road job and the fireworks werent starting till 1030pm.So that wasnt going to work. We left pretty early and tried to park by the charles river but they had closed parking close to the area, so we headed down to park close to Boston Common. We drove past Copley Square, and then our tour consisted of the common, fanueil hall, quincy market, old state hall, the old prison, the granary burial ground, the kings chapel and kings chapel cemetary, the frog pond which we waded in and played to cool off some,and then when we were done, we came back home and suited up and went to the lake to cool off. we got home about 530 and headed out as fast as everyone could change. and boy was it refreshing. Everyone was in! M is slowly getting used to the water. I mean dont get me wrong he loves it but he doesnt like to be splashed or forced to go deeper but he is slowly getting more and more daring! E is a fish and loves it along with R! so thats mostly what we have been doing in these soaring temps is beaching it. It makes for a good tan and we are there for usually 2-4 hrs. Not to much longer than that as the smaller kids get worn out in the heat! Up next this week we will be going to see TWILIGHT SAGA:ECLIPSE either friday nite or saturday nite, saturday day time we are heading up to see the hubs parents, all though are plans may change for whats goin on that day since its calling for t-storms and rain. And then sunday Karen is heading to michigan to start her stateside life again. She has already started her journey by getting a new cell phone for the states which she hasnt had for 4 years. She is having trouble not so much as to adjusting back but missing what she had there as far as friends and collegues. I always remind her she can go back for a visit. well im out of here for the day and will write more soon!

In other news: top mommy blogs has reset their voting and i have never asked for votes but could you all go to the button and vote for me so i can at least get in the rankings? thanks and smooches!

and in other news found out she was pregnant with triplets and then was told she lost one, only to find out its triplets again, so maybe it was quads? but we are so happy over here for her that we are constantly keeping her pbj and rob in our thoughts and prayers. and im sending out thoughts to my 3 angels to keep a close eye on her too! Please read her journey and keep her in your thoughts too!Thanks!

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