Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little bit of ....everything!!

Hey everyone!

I hope this finds you well! Everyone is great here. On Saturday July 10th we drove up to new hampshire to go see the inlaws and have R and karen meet them. We were going to go out on the boat but it was overcast and did rain. We just had a good time chit chatting and eating some food. We left to come home and got here and just relaxed. Sunday was going to be an early one for us. On sunday July 11 my sister was leaving and making the journey to Michigan. Her plane was leaving at 7 am so we needed to leave here by 5. The nite before she had dragged all of her luggage into the living room to re-pack it and make sure she had everything. And also so she wouldnt wake the kids up in trying to get the luggage out of the room etc in the early am. As we were re-packing her stuff she decided we should leave at 4 am just to make sure. We worked it out with R that he would stay with the kids, i mean they all were going to be sleeping at that point anyways.And off to bed the hubs and i went since we would be up before the sun. Karen was going to put E to bed with her and i told R not to stay up to late, i mean hes 15 its summer. 330am came oh so early!The hubs and i got up got dressed as best we could in the dark( oh yeah we have had weird sleeping arrangements since we have had summer family visiting!) E&R are sharing the boys room and when karen was here she slept in there too. Only for the fact that they all sleep like normal people and M is in our room with us, not only because he rarely sleeps past 8 but because it would be more conducive to everyone getting rest.The thing was when we came out of our room R was asleep on the couch and karen was no where to be found! The hubs went into the boys room and she was still asleep! She had just gotten a new cell and hadnt quite mastered it, she said she set 3 alarms and not one went off. No worries we were ahead of the game. She got ready in land speed record time and the hubs took the luggage out and we were off. She was getting stressed as this is a very difficult time.Shes been living abroad in the netherlands for 4 years and was moving home. Before she got to boston she had had movers come to her place and pack it up and what she came with was everything else. she had a great job in an international school and made tons of friends. Plus heading back to michigan which is home, wasnt going to be that hard, but she had been trying to find a job since march and wasnt hearing anything from anything she applied for. Plus she would have to get a job and then a car and place to live etc. But we headed out got her there way ahead of schedule and i being the weepy sensitive one, balled my eyes out as i was walking her to security. The hubs hugged her and was like why are you crying you will see her again, but still ive seen her less in the past 5 years than i would have liked and hated to have her go.

In other news we have had a break in the heat wave..finally. It was so unbearbly hot and humid nothing was enjoyable even going to the beach. One thing i did for my sister was make a recipe book. Of recipes that are in the family and have been passed down, but also ones that are my own. So im asking out there in the blogosphere : DO YOU HAVE ANY RECIPES THAT YOU CARE TO PASS ON TO ME AND HER? ID LOVE TO ADD SOME NEW STUFF TO MY COOKING REPERTOIRE AND GIVE HER MORE TO ADD TO THE BOOK. Please leave them in the comment section or email me.

Also what are you doing so far this summer? What are you going to do the rest of the summer? Do any of you have any good reccomendations for a good read this summer?

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