Saturday, January 26, 2013

I think i have a black cloud over my head

Hey everyone!

i seriously feel like eeyore! i feel like i have a black cloud that is following me since this summer. in oct i fell down 30 stairs and hurt my knee, then just this past thursday i was in a car accident. everyone is ok, im sore i have neck back head and chest pain. the drs all say its muscular but man it hurts. but we have to wait for the insurance to come and look at the car and decide whats going to happen. as of right now we are down to one car. how fun. then on top of all that excitement we were home last nite getting ready for bed and E said it sounds like its raining. so we are looking for the rain and we walk into M's room and his ceiling is raining. OMG just what we need at a time like this. So as the hubs is turning the water off and punching the ceiling and the walls to see where this water is coming from ..the saying i hear in my head is damn when it rains it pours literally. and its usually this time of year we have bad luck. so people for the insurance for the house wont be able to come out till monday, so as of right now the leak is stopped and M's room is a total disaster. so for now he will have to sleep with me until his room is fixed. what a fricken nightmare! thats all for now !

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