Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year New things

Well 2013 is here and lets just say i started some new things. i mean its a new year right? First my sisters encouraged a new hobby, jewelry making. im really new at this so its been a learning experience but its fun...and its something for me, to do besides reading and laundry etc. 

Ive made a page for it on faceboook and please check it out prices are reasonable and items can be customized.

please check it out. 

ive also done something else for me in hopes of bettering my life for my family and also to be a good example for my kids. i decided to enroll or attempt to enroll in college courses online and did so and was accepted and got grants to do it. im very excited. ive always loved school so this should be great! Also they are all online so i wont have to worry about finding a sitter for the boys. and if my 18 year old can do it so can i!

Right now im going to get my associate in arts in medical office administration with concentration in medical records. School started january 7th and so far so good. 

The weather has been weird and wacky around here and we did get some snow. Other things in life are all in an uproar and chaos insues but im trying to stay focused and positive. because if i dont ill fall apart.

More soon! Make sure to tune in !!

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