Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interesting...very interesting...

Happy Wednesday people!

Hope this finds you all well. As you know if you read this regularly or follow it at all, that my oldest son came home last week! It has been going well so far, as there is always an adjustment period. The thing im not getting is how he thinks his friends are more important than his mother brothers and family. I get and remember when your that age your life is your friends, but you would think that if you havent seen your family in awhile you would be psyched to see them, especially since we are living somewhere new and can do way more here in massachusetts than we were able to do in washington. He was fine the first two days then the attitude started, and the huffing and puffing. And also he is texting every 5 seconds. No matter what we are doing he is texting.Even before he left his dads he was posting messages on his facebook talking about he was leaving for the summer etc and no one was positive about it for him!! Ya i get they will miss him but they should be like have a great time! take lots of pics etc, not one person except for his dads aunt. Part of his problem is he doesnt want to stay as long as he is. well tuff toodles buddy, its the only other flights we could get in the same price, we arent made of money! and we tried to change it but cant afford the price change difference between the different tickets, and the fee, thats how the airlines make their money, the fees and the cost of the tickets, plus we have to pay for his seats and baggage. We explained that before he came and then since hes been here, and hes like well ill give it to the 12th then if im not likeing it i want to leave? i was like who is going to pay for that? he said my dad will come get me or my friends. i was like their parents are going to give them gas money and let them drive to the east coast ..i dont think so. and i know his dad wont do it he doesnt have the money. We will be fairly busy coming up so hopefully he will adjust his attitude because i think its rude. He needs to lay off the texting and give things a chance. Hell we have already spent more money here on "things to do" then we have then entire time we have lived here. On top of that my sister flies in tomorrow so she is here for 10 days which im excited about but i know she would tell him the same thing. I dont know if im over-reacting but damn its no way to treat people after they shell out the kind of money we have for all of this. yes im his parent and its part of the parenting job, but i have never taught him to be disrespectful etc. The hubs has been working between 50-80 hrs a week for at least 2 months to have money to do things and buy more food than normal because of how a 15 year old eats. he even acts like he cant stand to be around his brothers, when there are at least 7 kids at his dads that are younger than him. the whole thing makes me mad, for one because next summer we have already talked about him not staying so long, and thats even if he comes because he will be almost 17 and may have a job and his license by then.

So far we have bought a beach pass for the summer so on the hot days we can go there. we went and spent 100$ to go to battleship cove which he seemed to like. we've gone out to eat and also the drive in to see toy story 3 and prince of persia. we have spent so far 263$ on groceries and still have more to get. and the hubs wants to work on driving with him so when he gets to drivers training he will have some knowledge and he doesnt seem interested. everything we do go see hes texting. he says its cuz hes 15 and thats what they do but you would think that he would show interest. well im off to get busy for the arrival tomorrow, hope every one has a great week. we have the 4th coming up and tours of boston, cape cod, and ECLIPSE...YIPEEEE!!!!!!! i cant wait! have a great rest of the week everyone!

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