Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When life happens...

Hi Everyone~

I hope you are all well. We are now on the mend, all though the hubs seems to be still a bit sick. I cant believe we all got sick so early, but hey what can you do? The kids still have a bit of a runny nose and cough, and my nose is still stuffy, but we are far better now than we were last week. Things have been busy other wise, besides being sick. Ive been on a few job interviews and will have a second for the job i really want some time next week. Im totally excited for it and hope i get the job. I will be back to working at nite since thats the only thing that works for us until M gets into school full time. which if he does ok in preschool would be next year for kindergarten.

On the school front E has adjusted nicely to 2nd grade and likes school. He still struggles with reading but is getting much better. On Sept.8 I took M to get screened for preschool. Here they have preschool within the school district that is offered, but because its fairly new and a small program the child has to get screened and they have to basically approve him to be in it..since there is such limited space. The screening went well and we had to wait till today to get a meeting to discuss the screening and if he would get placed. He got a spot! Im so excited for this, and he is beyond excited! He comes every morning out with us when we take E to the bus and is upset because he hasnt been able to go to school. Now he can. He will be going 3x a week in the morning. He will be starting next week, as to give them time to get all the paperwork done. Ive never known a child at 4 years old want to go to school and be so excited about it!

In other news, its already begining to look like fall here in new england. The leaves are already starting to change and its been cool weather. Its mostly been in the 60's but today it got to 80. Its like the freak day. Ive already been able to make homemade chicken soup, and homemade chili and corn bread. We also went last sunday apple picking! We had a good time. I cant wait till we can go on a hayride and get pumpkins!I love that we can now wear cozy sweats in the evening and have the windows open and have a nice breeze. We can go on leisurely walks and not get super hot!

Also i have lost 23 lbs in about one month! Im so super excited about this, since with M i didnt seem to loose the baby weight. With the other boys i never was on birth control of any kind and with M i went on something immidiately so i didnt get the full advantages of breastfeeding. I think it lowered my milk production. So i was on something till about sept 08 and then went off so we could start trying for another, but have had to go back on and off to try and regulate me since my body had never been on something. So when i stopped it i never could get a regular period. But these 23 lbs have fallen off. Im really not doing much different. Im drinking more water( almost with everything) since we have a water cooler and get water delivery. I drink milk occasionally, and a soda if we go out to eat but thats it its mostly water. I drink one cup of coffee a day and am eating smaller portions. I hope it comes off quick so i can get down close to what i weighed before i had M. I can already see a difference. I havent been doing to much excercise since im limited with the back injury i have. My clothes ( at least my pants and undergarments are loose)so im really excited!

And inquiring minds at Pieces of the Pepins want to know : what are some of your fall traditions? What are your favorite things about fall? What are some of your favorite fall reciepes?

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