Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Weekend and other adventures!


Hope you all had an amazing long holiday weekend! We had a busy week last week, with school starting and then gearing up for the wedding this past weekend. School started tuesday! E is officially a 2nd grader! Things got off without a hitch. M is a little bit becuase he wasnt going but we hope to get him into preschool fairly soon.

The hubs was off on friday since we had to head up to New Hampshire for the wedding. Friday nite was the rehersal but we left early in the morning to help with set up of the hall and then we had to drop the kids off to grandma that afternoon. The hall set up went with out any trouble, except that we were roasting hot...it was a tad warm that day. The manager that was working with Sara and Dave wasnt going to turn the ac on till about an hr before the rehersal. Rehersal went off without a hitch! Then we headed back to Dave's moms house for a bbq..the food was scrumptious! Then the ladies headed out to Sara's sisters and the boys stayed at Dave's moms. The girls didnt sleep to well but the boys had no trouble go figure! Us girls got up early saturday, one went to pick up the flowers, and the rest of us headed to finish up at the reception hall. From there we had to leave and have hair appts at 12. That didnt take to long we were all out by 3, then headed back to Pats Peak were the wedding and reception were being held. We just had to hang out till about 430-5 and then start getting ready. The awsome thing was that another wedding was taking place the same day,except they were taking he ski lifts to the top and getting married, im sure they had a great view! When it came down to the wedding we only had one glitch! The Glitch was that as we lined up to walk out, the power went out! OMG we were freaking out. The music couldnt be played ..nothing. The other wedding ended up being evacuated out of the other lodge and ended up watching our ceremony and cheered at the end it was amazing of them to do! Of course with the power going out it delayed the music and cocktails and hour derv hour with them scrambling around to find a generator. The other wedding party ended up coming over to invite us to come join their party since their dj was able to move his truck onto the grass and they were all dancing outside and into their reception. We were able to get pics and finally the generators came and we plugged them in and were able to move a bit forward. Then miraculously the power came on! Right in time for dinner ! So all in all we didnt really have to many issues and no one really noticed. Everyone had a great time! We ended up staying the rest of the weekend and came home monday evening. It was a long but fun weekend, but it also would have been nice to come home to our own bed since Dave's mom gave up her bed to us for the weekend. Now we are back into our regular routine.

Fall is defintely in the air. The leaves are beginning to change in New England. You can feel the crispness. I cant wait to decorate for fall, halloween and thanksgiving! I love fall, cozy sweaters, boots!

well im off for now, i have laundry to do from the weekend and other house chores.Have a great Tuesday everyone!

ps i will post first day pics later on since i dont have the camera with me!

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