Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its been awhile...5 months to be exact

Hi everyone!!!!

i know its been awhile, the last post i wrote was about the rough stuff going on in the house. Im fairly confident that i want to say those are past but i dont want to say for sure. E was diagnosed with adhd with hyperactivity impulseivity on top of it so we diecided that we would try medication to see if it would help him focus and its helped some but ill see what happens if we can up it in august..hes only on 5mg but i think 10 would be ok, somedays i see that its not working as well and its almost their summer break so im hoping that we wont have too many issues there.

things have been working out well for me and the hubs. he goes to the paintball store on saturdays and works and then every other he goes and plays. hes been able to fix guns at the field and also when hes at the store, and he also in between games he is selling things so its good. it gives him a way to relieve the stress of his work week. its been a good outlet for him.
we havent had many date nites as hes either been on a road trip or i work at nite , then with him doing paintball on saturdays and most sundays i work so it doesnt leave to much time, and when i have days off its usually during the week so its not to easy to go out at nite when he has been working hard all day lately in the heat!
As many of you know this weekend is fathers day....we are going to brian's dads house for a bbq, it should be fun it will be us and then his dad and laurie and then his sis jenn and her kids and her bf and his son, and then a few others, so at least the kids will have plenty of people to play with. while we are there with them we will be celebrating brian's and his sister nikki's birthday as brians is the 24th and nikkis is the 26. should be a good time.

i made brian and his dad almost identical father's day gifts, brian's dads shirt says "worlds greatest grandpa hands down" and there is a space between the words and you paint the kids hands on. brians says the same thing but dad of course. then i got him one other shirt and a pair of shorts and for his bday a pair of shorts and 2 more shirts, he has worn some of his good shirts to work so hes got a dwindleing supply of nice things to wear out :/

on his actual birthday i got a sitter so i can take him to dinner and maybe a movie without the kids. we never do much kid free. i think i can count like 5 times since 2007.

other than that we are just spending time as a family and working. when lame things arent crapping out like the washer ( today) and then my cell phone the other day ..sheesh
hope this finds you all wellll!!!

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