Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A bit of stomach pain then a trip to the hospital and now a surgery and other fun summer stuff!

Howdy folks!

hope you had a pleasant 4th of july weekend. we went camping it was fun we got a new air matteress and the kids fished and we swam, and we ate some good food. we were pretty much close to a town that had hardly anything. We had our share of spiders, most were daddy long legs...but still theyre spiders, and when they are in the dome part of your tent where the door is and right over where you go in and out it gives you the heebies. we did find a few on the kids pillows or blankets. gross if you ask me.

we came home the morning of the 4th and unloaded the car and relaxed showered etc. and then ate and decided to take the kids to the drive in by the house, and we saw TRANSFORMERS 3 it was an epic epic movie. so so good. it was 20$ a car load for 2 movies but since the hubs had to go to work we only stayed for one. i mean it didnt start till close to 9 and got out after 1130.

a few days later all h e double hockey sticks broke loose....
wednesday nite we ordered pizza for dinner ..nothing unusual and the same almost order to the t. a little bit after eating probably about an hr the hubs stomach hurt and he was in the bathroom for about a half hour. then around 945pm i started getting a sharp pain across the top of my stomach and it was right under my ribs, i just figured it would hurt for a bit. i tried maalox and also laying on my tummy ( like )putting pressure on it would help. NO DICE. i also kept goin into the bathroom either thinking if i got rid of it somehow i would feel better, but nothing . ( gross i know and tmi) so i decided at 1045 i was going to bed but i layed down and couldnt lay on my tummy and couldnt lay on either side. it sucked so i started asking the hubs where the spleen appendix and gall bladder were and hes like not sure go look it up so i did. I couldnt figure it out, i ended up calling the after hrs clinic # and the nurse told me a few things to try and so i did. nothing helped. she then told me after the 3rd call to go to the er. i had to wake the hubs and tell him to go and he said i should probably go to the er by ambulance. so i did . i puked on the way there and then they couldnt really determine anything so they ended up discharging me ..a block from home i got sick again. we came home and slept since we had been at the hospital since 1230 am and it was now 6 am. got sick 5 x times that day, went to follow up with my regular dr and was determined to be gall stones. LAME. got sick 5 x that day and then i just feel nauseous if i try and eat. i went for a surgical consult today and will be having surgery on the 19th to have the gall bladder removed. hopefully ill have no complications. the hubs will probably take tuesday off. the kids are going to the grandparents for mon and tues nite and maybe wednesday. im a bit nervous but ready to get back to normal.

other than that this new england summer has been steamy so far. today we finally had a break in the humidity today but i hear it will be back this weekend. hopefully once im feeling better we can do fun summer stuff.

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