Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy Thursday!

So this is going to be a multi-subject post...hold onto your pants! So as any of you know who read my blog, we have been anxiously awaiting the summer anticipation for the guest that would be coming and the long awaited return of my oldest son! R returned on June 22, and it couldnt have come any sooner. I love this boy beyond words. He is my first born. Dont get me wrong, but i love him so so much. It literally kills me to be away from him. His brothers are so glad to have him around they are getting to the point of annoying him. No matter how hard i try to have them leave him alone, they still are asking him questions,or just talking to him,jumping on him, etc. I just want to give him space to settle back in. But momma is excited that he is HOME!!! The hubs is also glad to have him around so he can teach him to drive! R has said that hes done a bit but brian just wants to give him some extra knowledge and recordable hours for when he takes drivers ed. AND I have to just say, i have gorgeous BOYS, but hes gotten so much more handsome. Hes 15 almost 16 and i can see why the girl would swoon over him. He is polite, he is a lover. hes always been compassionate. and now hes taller than his mom :( . I guess hes taller than his dad, hes taller than all of us ! He must get the height from my uncle because he is really tall.

Second thing for this post is today is my sexy ass husbands 30th birthday! Last nite we went to Dairy Queen and he picked out his cake. Instead of the regular ice cream cake with the crunchies he always chooses, this year he got a reeses blizzard cake. so that should be good. Today the boys are going to get him two things he asked for. I want to take him to dinner but i dont know if hes going to go for that, he said for his birthday he wants KFC, so we might just do that. Today im also going to take R around a bit, probably to the mall etc, to get out of the house, its hard to plan other stuff since brian works till 330, and doesnt get home till 4. We will have to plan other fun stuff for the weekends and some days brian has off.Last nite we also went partial grocery shopping. We didnt spend too much but let him get what he wants. hes a pretty good eater like E, so we dont have to be too picky.

Third thing for this post, is that 1 week from today, Karen is arriving from europe! O M G i cant wait. I havent seen her since 2008 but shes always been my favorite/ or the sister im closest too. she will be here for 10 days, which will be action packed and full of fun. i hope she wont be too jet lagged, she is beyond excited to be with the 3 boys.

Fourth thing for this blog. I am beyond excited for a fellow blogger that i follow, who has struggled with pcos, and just found out shes pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! yay! yay! yay! such a glorious miracle! i know i prayed to my 3 angels for her! if you havent read her blog you should!
she has a wealth of info on her blog about pcos and books and tons of stuff. i havent met her but would love to one day, along with these great gals:

so check those ladies out they ROCK!! Hope you all have a great thursday. and happy birthday baby i love you!

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