Thursday, June 3, 2010



happy thursday! yippee!! sorry its been since monday that i last wrote but i have had to work a few days this week and also i have been sick. im still sick. The hubs got to come home last friday, it was glorious after he'd been gone all week. He looked so skinny to me when he walked in the door.we spent family time this weekend. we went to garage sales, we didnt find anything, we took the kids to the park and let them play themselves out. we ran errands to the store and then we basically just watched movies and stayed home. it was nice, he was going to have to leave early on monday anyways so we were trying to spend as much time as possible. Last week was a bit easier as the kids didnt see him leave to go on his road trip, they knew he had went to work and were in bed before they knew he hadnt come home. So this week has been a bit tougher since they were going to see him leave. M came down with a runny nose, and at the park seemed to have a bit of trouble breathing so we gave him a breathing treatment that nite. he slept fine, the next nite he woke up like 4 times .....uggh. So needless to say the hubs and i came down with runny/stuffy noses and sore throats. mine seems way worse ..i only say that because i have been dealing with him all week, but the hubs has sounded like crap every time i have talked to him. We are trying to get this gone before the weekend, because we have a party on saturday but also because family is coming to town at the end of june starting the 22.and off starts the busy household of the summer. So i apologize for not writing since monday its just because i have been sick and trying to beat this, its looking up today my throat hasnt hurt as much today but i still have a stuffy nose and im getting more sleepy the more i type. So its off to bed for me folks!Nite

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