Monday, June 14, 2010

Im so EXCITED!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Im soo very very excited! 8 days! 8 days till my son comes back home. Its been a few since i have seen him since i have to share him with his father, which for the record I HATE THAT! Im very excited that he will be home in 8 days and then a few short days after that is the hubs birthday he will be 30!Then the following week my sister will be moving home from EUROPE!!!! Shes been living there since august 2006...right before i had M. Im very excited for this because for 1. i havent gotten to see her very much. some reasons are that we lived in washington( i lived there to take care of my nanny). and then she lived in michigan and was going to school and etc. She came to washington for a family reunion, and then i saw her when of course i would go to moms to visit. and then i saw all of my siblings and extended family when my mother died unexpectedly in Oct 2005. Then she came for a usa extravaganza with bram in summer 2008 and they came to seattle for 2 days and we went and met them down there and toured seattle! it was so fun and it was the first time she was spending time with M in real life and not seeing him in photos. And E was so excited that she was there, and he loved bram. Now she is moving home after living there for 4 years and she is coming to boston for 10 days! She will have all 3 boys together . We are going to go to cape cod, tour/explore boston. go to the fireworks on the 4th of july in boston. Take her to meet the in-laws. Take her to just tour around. Her and I are going to see Eclipse from the twilight series as it comes out the day she gets here. I dont think 10 days is nearly long enough but i guess it will have to do. Shes been applying for jobs all over and hasnt heard anything, i am hoping that she would get a job here and then that way she would be super super close. I am still hoping for that.

also i switched the a more summery theme? what do you think? i think its perfect for now till i find something else! hope everyone has a fantastic monday!

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