Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday monday ....

Hi Everyone~

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a busy but nice one. Saturday we went and ran some errands, we went to the jewelry store , to find out about some things with my ring, we went to the tux place for the hubs to try on his tux before the wedding this weekend ( omg he looked so hot!!) . We hunted around for a farmers market but sadly we didnt find anything but people that put up a tent in a parking lot with very few fresh fruits and veggies. Then we stopped by Mickey D's for a quick lunch and went to the park close to our house and the boys all went fishing and i laid on a blanket in the grass reading. It was a nice saturday. Sunday we slept in and then ate breakfast and decided to drive to Bass Pro to check it out ( we had been there once ). The hubs is going hunting in Nov, so he wanted to check some stuff out and its huge and the kids love it. There is an aquarium with huge fish in it, interactive shooting games, furniture,gifts, clothes and all the other gear you would need for an outdoor adventure. After we headed home from there we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some stuff and came home. It was a scorcher yesterday ! We have been working on getting the kids, especially E back into the routine of early bedtime as school is going to be upon us shortly you may wonder..well TOMORROW!!! Yipee!

I know it sounds bad but still, it will be good for him to go back to the structure of school and homework and having that routine.When schools in session it will be me and M at home till i find another job and he goes to school or daycare. I cant wait. The hubs and i have been going with the early bedtime for about a week, and they dont put up to much of a fight. It is nice to have the quiet and either catch up on some of the stuff on the dvr or watch a movie. pretty soon we will have the pattern of homework, dinner, baths and bed. We will have alot of family time on the weekends unless the hubs has to work.

I recently just went and got a library card for myself. I have to say even though this library is on the small side i am able to find a lot of new books and alot of stuff i like to read. I cant say that for the library in wa. It took them forever to get new stuff and when they did it took forever to get your hands on it.I can also use this card at other libraries so its a win win! The first time i went i got 4 books for myself and one for each child and quickly read all of my books. When i took them back i got 7 books for myself. Ive already read 3 and am almost thru the 4th. Im going to take them back tonite and then renew the others that i have since they are due back the 7th.

We also got some great news this weekend which is easing some of our money issues. Im also still activly looking for something so that also will bring in extra. Things may be on the up swing for us but i dont want to jinx it so i wont say to much about it. Hope this finds everyone great and I will definitely blog tomorrow about the first day of 2nd grade!!! have a great monday!

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