Monday, November 8, 2010

If you really knew me..happy birthday its a post all about me...

Hi Everyone!

Todays post is all about me! For today is my birthday!

If you really knew me.....

Name: Christa Kathleen
Dob: 11/8/75
I was born in : California
I grew up in : Michigan
I am: the oldest of 5 kids ; 4 girls and 1 boy (hes in the middle)
I am : victim of domestic violence (disclaimer: not by my hubs or my ex hubs, by some one completely unrelated)
I : love to read, when i was in kindergarten i read 500 books for a reading contest
My favorite colors are : blue then green
I am: a good cook
I am: a great MOM
I have had: 4 kids, R is the oldest at 16, Michaela was born 5-2-97 (deceased the same day) E is 7 and M is 4
I have : a huge heart. I love hard and deep, and it hurts when things dont go right
Im very creative
I dont normally eat breakfast
That when i was little we used to travel alot
My hubs and i have only been on one vacay together and we took the kids to disney ( i think its time at least for a weekend without them!)
My favorite fruit is strawberries, i ate a lb a day when i was pregnant with M, second i like pears, i ate those with E.
My mom died in 2005 unexpectedly, it is heartwrenching every day to know what she is missing..
My husband is my life, i know it may sound bad but when the kids are gone, he and i will be together.
When i was younger and asked what i wanted to be when i grow up my answer was a MOM.
i was really close to my nanny, she died 1 yr and 8 days after my mom.I lived with her for years to take care of her.
That my oldest son doesnt live with me all the time, (not by choice!!)
That i have a huge heart and dont do much for myself as i do for others!
That i hold stress and pain in and hardly let it show when something is hurting or bothering me
That i would love someone to come and clean my house and it stay that way
That i was in choir since 6th grade and took 4 years of private lessons
One of my favorite shows is GLEE!!
I watch a lot of crime shows: 48 hrs mystery, csi, law and order svu and criminal intent
i love reality shows like : jersey shore, the rachel zoe project, 16 and pregnant, teen mom
i love reading mommy blogs: you guys know who you are !!
Im becoming a hunting widow for the first time! my husband is leaving tomorrow to go hunting!
I dream of going to IRELAND
Im half irish and half italian!
I love the snow at xmas and the sun in the summer and spring
I wish i had enough money so my kids and me and the hubs could get what we need and some of what we want.
One of my favorite restaraunts is chilis! i love going for chicken fajitas and a dr pepper and their chips and salsa, hell alot of the time i go just to pick up chips and salsa
That i have a hard time trusting, due to some epic things from my past.
That i love boy bands: bsb, nkotb,
That i heart justin bieber, he makes me smile and reminds me of my own 16 yr old
That the only soap opera that i have watched continuously is General Hospital
That i wish that i had enough money to buy all my siblings houses so we could all live close and raise our kids together. Maybe all in the same neighborhood!
That i have only had one pro massage ever and it was heavenly
That i dont ever look my age, i never have, im always told i look way younger than i am, heck my oldest thinks im 25! ha love it! i look like im 21 though( i think i get it from my momma, she was 51 when she died and didnt look her age either!)
That i listen to all types of music

Well thats all i can think of, since i had no one asking me questions , i just have thought as i type! enjoy!

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