Monday, November 1, 2010

A Post to come soon..well a few

Hi everyone!

Sorry its been awhile but not only having my 16 yr olds birthday this month, then the anniversary of my mothers death,then 8 days after her it was the anniversary of my nanny's death, with whom i was very close too and also i lived with her for a while and took care of her. Then we also had some specialist appts for M and i will have a post on that! But some ideas i have for posts besides one for halloween with pics and also the one on M, but i think im going to have one about hunting. I know some may frown on it, but truly i have never experienced it. My husband used to go with his father when he was younger and he is going again next week for the first time in id say about 10 years. He is beyond excited to go. He will be out there opening day. So in my post about hunting, i will consult the hubs and ask him types of gear you might wear and use. Things you may look for etc. It might get some criticisim, but who knows. We dont eat it, he will take it to a butcher and then give it away, and then take it to a taxidermy.

I also will have a post all about me for my birthday on the 8th. Im still working at the golden arches and its going well, still looking for something better but so far nothing yet!and another for thanksgiving! hope this finds everyone well! Check back often for new posts!

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