Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Hi All~

Wow i cant believe thanksgiving has come and gone. We have been so busy here in our house. Me with the new job, and the kids conferences and all out just being busy, and not spending much time together at all! But that changed starting 11/24. I had the day off of work, and the kids had a half day and we were all going to be home thursday. Me and M ran some last minute errands and then came home to meet E's bus. We had a nice lunch and then some rest time. We stayed up late that nite since we didnt have anywhere to be on thursday. We got up and the hubs went and got donuts from "punkin donuts " as M calls it ( dunkin donuts if you cant decipher ) the hubs then messed around with his project hes building and the kids played. i got to read and just relax.Since it was going to be just us we didnt have to get up and start cooking. we put our turkey breast in at about 230 and let it cook for about 3 hrs and it turned out perfect. Mind you this is the first time we have ever cooked for thanksgiving ourselves. we had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn,stuffing,and cranberries. it was so good. we were very proud of ourselves. because in the past it has turned out to be disasterous so we have always gone to someones house. The hubs was so pleased with how it turned out that he said we could do it again since it was also so easy.

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