Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Update on the happenings with M...

Hi Everyone!

Things have just been crazy here since the end of September! Well let me give you some background. On September 8th i took M to be evauluated for the preschool that is within the school district. He walked in and didnt even look back, unlike his brother when i did it with him he hid behind me and hardly co-operated. M wanted to go to school. Soon the eval was over and they told me that they had to set up a meeting to get the we had to wait till September 22 to get those. Well i went into the meeting expecting them to say that he qualified etc. Which he does but they also said that they saw something wrong with his eyes, and that they wanted him to have the pediatrician just look at them the next time i took him.So now that he qualified for the preschool they deemed that he would go 3 days a week for 2.5 hrs a day. He would get speech and the ot specialist would monitor him in class but thats about it. They are kind of fast tracking him since he will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Speech i can understand because some words you simply cannot understand. They said they would add more days if need be but they wanted to have him get in and get him going before they change anything.So M was going to start the following monday as to give them time to finish the paperwork and set up the bus. I set up an appt for the pediatrician for that week. Here on the east coast its called a physical instead of a well check but whatev! So they told me they would do a vision screen and hearing test during the appt as well as talk about what the eval for the preschool said and any concerns we had ourselves about things with him. So we go and he is getting the hearing test first, first i have to say that i didnt think he would understand what is required of him, as it was he didnt really, but then they moved onto vision and he passed that. The dr wasnt to concerned about the eval and thought that he would be fine but thought that maybe they should be requiring him to go 5 days since he would go to kindergarten. M has asthma and respitory airway disease, we didnt find this out till he was like 1 but we only found out since he kept getting croup really bad and the drs kept saying it was just a cold. I dont see M as being behind in any way that people would think he needs speech and stuff , but hes stayed home with me from Jan 2009 till he started the preschool this past sept. The kids used to go to daycare full time and i worked full time but pulled them out when i found out the provider was abusing them. So also at the dr appt he got his kindergarten shots and the dr noticed the thing with his eyes and because to them he failed the hearing test referred him to a specialist and to the eye dr for them to check his eyes. So thats when i started freaking out. What do you mean something is wrong with his eyes? What do you mean he failed the hearing what does he have hearing loss is he deaf ? what the eff is going on? They were surprised he heard anything since he had a mild ear infection in his right ear. but they said he didnt hear anything on the left..but again i didnt think he would get what they wanted him to do. So off we went to the eye dr. Not to scary as what i thought he did fine, ends up he is farsighted and needs glasses. Then off to the hearing specialist, they do the tests etc ask a bunch of questions, but they say that the testing at the peds office isnt really reliable because they dont really know how to test the kids or get them to do what needs to be done for the test.

So you can imagine after weeks of freaking out and the panic that insues when you hear something may be physically wrong with your child, the relief that he has NO hearing loss and wearing glasses isnt a big deal. He actually likes his glasses and loves going to school and loves that he gets to ride the bus. He loves that he got to have a halloween party at school and that he is so proud when he brings home papers he does and shows them to us and hangs them on the fridge!

Yes some days are a chore like any day, with kids and school, he sometimes doesnt want to go when he wakes up but when the bus gets here hes ready. AND I get to have 2.5 hrs of peace and quiet in my house with no one but me in it. So i use it to watch my shows on the dvr, laundry, dishes,etc , stuff that takes longer or gets messed up when i do it with everyone here!

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