Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow Its been crazy around here!

Hi all!

Wow this month is flying by.. for sure. As some or all of you may know i started a new job. My orientation was on the 16th and it was 7 hrs long. That day i got my schedule till dec 3. The rest of that week i only worked till 9pm, then i was off the weekend, and that monday i started my 5-1230 am shift. OMG i felt like a zombie the next morning. I came home changed and went to bed. I must confess..i hate not being able to go to bed with my husband. Even though he may have just gone to bed at 11-1130 its still not the same. Technically we close at 12 am and then we have to wait while the 3rd shift rings up any snacks drinks etc( as its the last opportunity) so we can clock out at 12:25. This is far different than what they told me at orientation. they told us the latest you get out is 12:10. It takes me about 10 minutes to get home. I usually come in put my stuff down, grab my stuff , go to the bathroom and get in bed. After the first few days i have done ok getting up the next morning. And i usually take a nap during the day so as to not be so tired. I was off the wed prior to thanksgivng and thanksgiving. Then I had to work BLACK FRIDAY, granted i worked a 5- 1230 shift but they swore that it would be chaos during the day and that we would be dead at nite. um not so much! Apparently people are used to the sale being over at 11 am not lasting till midnite so after 11 am it slowed way down. so they sent people home early etc. well that caused issues for us nite people and on top of that people called in so there was like 4 cashiers and then people in their various departments. it was madness!
I worked the weekend 12-9. I came home early sunday as at about 300pm i started feeling horrible, i had eaten before i went to work, but they had given us some candy one thing i did eat was a white chocolate candy cane hershey kiss, i hate hate hate white chocolate so i dont know if that started it or what. I asked if there was anything i could do that didnt deal with being on a register or people. it just felt like i was getting worse. It felt like my insides were going to fall out. it was a stabby crampy feeling in my tummy. No it wasnt that time of the month i had already had that. it was excruciating pain. i was feeling like crap. from not eating , not sure but i was having bouts of being hot then cold. they sent me to lunch early and i couldnt eat the food i brought i kept running to the bathroom thinking i was going to vomit. ( sorry gross i know) they had me do meaning less jobs that had me away from people. They had me jump on really quick to ring one person up so i did and then this lady could clearly see that i was closed got in line so i had to ring her up so after she spent 400$ and i was waiting on her she was so slow doing her debit card, i almost passed out. i went and sat down and they sent me home at 6pm.so i didnt miss to much work but gosh i havent felt that bad in a long time. i sipped some chicken broth and ate some crackers and that was it and yesterday i ate a bagel and then ate dinner and drank water most of the day. Today i feel a bit better , so i dont know. I called the dr and they said if it changed or got worse i needed to be seen as it could be my appendix. way to freak someone out. Plus it helped that i was off yesterday today and tomorrow and i work thurs, fri ,sat and sun. Sat will be nice as its only 9-2.

In other news im taking E to the dr on the 1st to see about him having add/adhd. He is having some troubles in school , disturbing others, is fidgety, at home hes very defiant and is having meltdowns and ripping homework up so hopefully if they give him some meds it may help him out. Hopefully this weekend we will get a tree. i cant wait to have more time with the hubs and kids. granted sunday i work 1-10 :(

I hope this finds you all well.

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