Monday, August 2, 2010

August already?

Happy Monday Everyone~

i cant believe its august already!!! Can you? it seems like the summer has flown by! i can see that happening for us because we have been busy with guests and work and have rarely had down time but it just seems like last week it was may and we were gearing up for the crazy summer!

This month is also very busy for us. We have our anniversary this month and M's 4th birthday and of course that means its almost school time!!!!Yipee! Dont get me wrong i love that the kids are home etc but i also long for the time they are in school to be able to clean the house and not have a mess made where i just cleaned.

We went camping saturday and it was pretty fun! the place where we camped has theme weekends and this weekend was "Cowboys" the boys had a great time they had activities like " gold rush, Cowboy contests,candy bar bingo,money swim, tshirt making etc and a dance on saturday nite. It was pretty fun both E and M got 16 pieces of "gold" in the gold rush. they did the cowboy contest which was obstacle course,bull whip, bow and arrow and indian leg wrestling. the money swim was pretty fun, they throw a bunch of quarters into the bottom of the pool and split you up by age group and then you go in and get as much as possible. E really liked it. we also won at candy bar bingo all the kids for their age have never really played it.We went to the dance and it was pretty fun but maybe stayed like an hr because it had been a long day. The place where we camped is an RV resort so it had tons of things , each weekend is themed, so not only those activities that are planned they also have mini golf, bike/skate park, water slides and a beach, a pizza/ice cream parlor , arcade,and huge play ground. they have canoe & boat rentals and also golf cart rentals. It was soo awsome. we had a golf cart for use and the site was really wooded, so yes you had neighbors but it still wasnt like you had neighbors. And you can get a wrist band for the waterslides and pay 10$ for the whole day till 7pm. Quiet time is at 11pm so that makes it nice that yes you can stay at your site and sit around the fire but the rowdiness is gone by 11 so everyone who is winding down can get to sleep. We had a good time.The only thing we figured out about camping is M has trouble sleeping other places besides home. In hotels hes ok but we usually stay really busy so hes pretty tired, which happened while camping, we got them up at about 630am on saturday to head up and stayed busy till about 1030pm. He fell asleep fine he just woke up about 3am and realized he wasnt at home and we had a killer time getting him back to sleep. The hubs and i were having a hard enough time sleeping on the ground even tho we brought a bunch of blankets to put down to hopefully make it more cushier/no such luck! we didnt get much sleep that nite at all :(

On sunday we went to a birthday party for our friends son. it was his first birthday , it was a good time also, but we were tired. They are getting married on sept 4 and dave and the hubs were talking wedding details, and then i found out that i now am in the wedding! yikes, at least i get to walk with my sexy hubby. All the people that are in the wedding are hubs and wife, except 2 people so its going to be fun. but yikes, we have to find a sitter because now they have decided to not have kids and we arent sure if anyone in the fam is available.

Still need those recipes and book suggestions and also any ideas for a picky eater if you have read the previous blog post!

thanks and have a great monday!

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