Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainy days

Hi !

Hope this finds everyone's week going ok. Here on the east coast we have been getting some much needed rain. So far its been raining since sunday! And i'm not complaining. i enjoy the rain and we need it ! According to the weather guy he says its been the dryest summer here in a long while. We sure have had some crazy weather here. It was 70's and 80's in march and april and then back to 70's in may and then in june it just was mid 70's and 80's , then towards the end of june we got record heat, jumping quickly to the high 90's. When my sister was here we were over 100 degrees every single day. We had no break from the 100 degree weather and add in the humidity it was killer! At the end of july we got a nice weekend of mid 70's with no humidity and it actually felt cold, but it was nice. So far in august we havent had to many overly warm days. Yes we have had high 80's but most of it has been without humidity so its been nice. We can turn the air conditioners off and open the windows and get nice breezes through the house.

We moved here in november and we were worried that we would encounter snow etc on our travels. We did see some snow in mountain passes and both the hubs and i grew up on this side of the country. He in new hampshire and myself in michigan. We both know that sometimes you can get snow as early as october( dont nay say peeps i remember when i was younger that we had snow on halloween once!) But we got here and it was around 60's and no snow so we were stoked! We had a mild winter we had snow but not the snow like they have had in the past. All of the fam has said we got lucky, but i dont know about that, we came to visit christmas 2008 and we came prepared for tons of snow and brought all the neccessary items to play in it and got none! I was bummed i really wanted a white christmas!! On the day that we went to explore boston it was 70 fricken degrees in DECEMBER!!!

So in saying all this and experiencing this weird weather i wonder what this upcoming fall and winter will hold for us. I love the fall and am looking forward to the leaves changing and the warm fuzzy sweaters and sweatshirts. Im looking for the nites where we just lock ourselves in and snuggle. The nites of apple cider or hot cocoa. I know it sounds crazy but i cant wait. I cant wait because its starts off the holidays with halloween ( whoever says its not a holiday is soo wrong!) then turkey day and black friday and then of course christmas and new years! i cant wait for fall to turn into winter and to get that first snow! and if it melts away to get more snows ! i think it makes it so pretty outside! The only thing i hate is when there are snow days during the year because they usually have to be made up in june :(
I know we live in snow country, but still last year we were out the few days before christmas break was to start and therefore the kids didnt get out till june 21. thats just dumb to get out so late, i think the teachers should have said that they would give up some of their planning days ( the kids usually dont go on those days) to make up for some of the days missed.

Im still job hunting since the job in the school district didnt work out. id like something compatible to the kids schedule since im the one that has to miss when they are sick etc. A school job would be awsome since you would be off the same as them. Im pretty bummed that it didnt work out. I emailed her after the interview to ask some questions that i forgot then and got no response, and i also emailed to thank her for the interview and the opportunity and she has still never responded , i know she may be busy but she has emailed me before at 9 and 10 pm. Oh well.We cant go long with me not having a job since it seems lately everyone is planning crap around when our bills are due. they and food shopping are the most important.

But a friend of ours planned a wedding right at the beginning of sept. right when rent is due and then car payments. the sucky thing about it being right then is that we are both in the wedding and we have to pay 150$ to rent a tux..really 150$ for something you wear for a few pissed.Thank god she didnt want the girls to buy a dress she wanted to see what kind of nice dresses everyone had and luckliy i had bought one for another formal occasion that you could wear in or too a wedding! But not only with the cost of bills and the tux we have to pay for gas to get there and we have to bribe the hubs mother to watch the kids!! First off no one would watch them, and hey we never really ask. So we were going to keep them friday for the rehersal etc. Then we just needed his mother to watch them saturday for the wedding. She was going to take them to a demo derby if we paid for it, we were like fine it was like 15$. Then shes now changed it to she wants to go camping so she will take them both days, but she wants us to pay for 1 day of camping and their food. Get this though, she takes his sisters kid all the time during the week and almost every weekend and she never requires her to pay for anything, so why our our kids different. The hubs is pissed because on top of never asking his parents for anything except every once in awhile we are required to pay his mother to take the kids and then his sister never does. And no one even called or sent a card for M's birthday so hes equally pissed about that. I mean part of the reason we got the job transfer here was to be closer to family. so the kids would have their grandparents, we could go to family functions etc but never imagined this at all. so we are a bit shell shocked. I mean do they not get that right now we have limited income and limited resources? hmmm makes you wonder!

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