Monday, August 23, 2010

A birthday boy!!!

Happy monday everyone!

Today is a happy day, and sad just the same. Today is M's 4th birthday! i cant believe how fast its gone by! 4 years ago we headed into the hospital to have the little bean. Ever since michaela died they have considered me high risk ( since there was no known cause of death) even if my pregnancy is completely normal. So we chose the day we wanted to have him they called us to say "come on in" (even tho it was scheduled we could get bumped if there were tons of people who went into labor or etc) we headed in after dropping E off and had nervous butterflies! We got to the hospital and they checked us in, got us our room and banded us. the dr came in checked me out and i was dialated to a 3. She said she was going to let me walk around and would be back to check. by 12 she had put in some meds to make me dialate since i seemed to have stalled. To me who has had all natural childbirths with no epidurals etc, it seemed that the contractions were not receding at all. it just seemed they were right ontopofeachother! Seriously there was no relief. There had been a shift change and i hardly ever saw my previous nurse, and with the shift change i had the best nurse ever her name was karen. she was awsome she could see that they were just coming and coming and not stopping. She asked when was the last time i was was like 430. Karen said lets try and go potty and see if that helps. so i go to do what she asks me but i could barely pee people, there was so much pressure it was unreal, i told her that and she was like lets check it out. um hey i was at a 10 and his head was right there...OMG OMG...they call the dr over stat and it wasnt long and here he was. We had bets on how much he would weigh. brian said over 9 lbs the dr said 7.5 lbs i was like 6 maybe. I won M came out at a whopping 5 lbs and 20 inches. He was so tiny. He was a preemie in size but not age, he was only 7 days early. Now hes 4! oh i cant believe how fast hes grown and how fast we got to age 4! He looks the most like me and he has the most beautiful blue eyes!

so i am here to scream from the rooftops HAPPY BIRTHDAY M WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!

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