Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A small miracle...a miracle non the less

Hi Everyone!!

Hope this finds you well! Lets get right to it! well the other day i wrote about M being a picky eater. Which he is. Luckily when we were camping there was enough around that he would eat and we brought some stuff in case he wouldnt. Hes a good eater for the most part but im getting tired of making two meals mostly at dinner, or packing something for him if we go to a family get together. As i stated he likes pasta, grilled cheese,fruit,veggies,chicken nuggets,pizza,mac and cheese,pbj. he drinks mostly milk and water (but doesnt fill up on milk) and oatmeal and likes oj but not to many other juices. Well the other nite i made salisbury steak, stuffing and corn for dinner. i cut up about 1/4 of a piece of steak and put it on his plate and ladeled some gravy on top of it. he was having none of it he started throwing a fit saying he didnt like it and he didnt want that. While everyone else is sitting there eating without an issue. The hubs got up and said how do you know you dont like it , you havent tried it. finally he got his sticker book out and told him if he ate two pieces of it he could choose a sticker in it. HE ATE 2 PIECES!!!! we were amazed.Then we went back to eating and just told him to eat everything else and he finished his meat on his own and some of the corn!!!! i was beyond thrilled that he ate it hoping we were on our way back to just making one meal at dinner time, because usually he eats fine at breakfast and lunch. But then part of my brain was thinking, if the only way we are going to get him to eat is bribe him, how long will we have to do that since we were using that to potty train him. we have that pretty much down pat except for getting him out of diapers at nap and bedtime and also going in public places. ANY IDEAS? on either the eating or the rest of the potty training? HELP!!!

in other news i quit my job! due to no hours ( 12 hrs for the whole month of june) and they forced me to do training i didnt want and im still just cashiering without utilizing the training. it isnt worth it for me to drive 45 min for one day a week just to make enough money for a tank of gas. This is my last week.I have been actively looking for something else. something in the school district so i can work why the kids are in school and have the same breaks and vacays etc. i have also been looking for something else that is evening related so we wont have to pay a sitter and just pocket the whole check. So far only a few leads but im hoping to find something soon that im making a bit more than i was at my almost old job. Wish me luck friends!

Well im off for now but send me the ideas for picky eating and potty training your recipes and also book suggestions, i look forward to getting all of them

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