Friday, August 13, 2010

OMG! Time flies when your having fun!

Happy Friday ..wait its FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!

I cant believe it! sometimes im superstitious but im laying low today so as to not drum up anything unwanted!

As the post say time flies when your having fun! we have had a great summer and celebrated our anniversary and now its onto M's 4th birthday! and ive finally submitted everything for the "new " job im hoping to get. Its a secratarial position but its 25 hrs and it works with the kids schedules and leaves the evenings open for dinners bath homework family time, and also for the hubs to take overtime if offered with out having to worry about getting a sitter.

We are looking to get M into a preschool thats full time, there is one down the street but its 160$ per week, you have to put a week down as a deposit but then they want you to pay for the month in advance within two weeks. Really? REALLY?!!! who has that kind of money lying around. yes they are on the same schedule as the district so all the days off vacations etc that the older kids have he would have. Which would be awsome, since i would be working for a school and they would be in school its the perfect job for a mom since you would have the same days/vacations/snow days off! But 680$ is a bit spendy for preschool for all day. There is another preschool and its at a daycare center and its 170$ and we can pay by the week. i am hoping to make a bit more money than i was making at my part time job that i barely got 12 hrs the month of june at but heres to hoping!

We would like to be able to save some money. we were doing fine once we moved here affording rent and car payments and food and stuff, and to go out and then we had some glitches in early spring..april- may that set us back and we havent really recovered. and then we had summer guests so we havent been able to sock away money. with this new job im hoping we will. we would like to buy a house. we have a pre-approval already and we just havent found the right thing, but with hopefully more money we can get a house and a newer car and be able to put money away, and maybe things will start looking up. the baby thing has never been completely ruled out but im going to be 35 in the fall so i dont want to hold off, sheesh if when this all was agreed to two years ago i would have been almost 32 and things would be fine id have had or been pregnant by now and this subject would be closed. so maybe if this job happens and we can pay for M's schooling and put money away we can get the things we want and pay our bills and still have a bit of spending money.

and to top it off E goes into second grade!i cant believe it! he starts school on the 31! i would have never known. we have yet to start a school year here. we came east once school had started so it was just the process of enrolling him and stuff. i find it weird that they dont send anything before hand saying this is your teacher and classroom and here are the supplies . apparently here they wait till the first day to tell them , i guess depending on the weather they either have them mill about out front and the teachers call them into their line or this all happens in the gym.i think thats a lame way to do it. Back in washington at least they had a day that you could go meet your teacher, tour your class and bring all your stuff in. i think it was much easier and took the edge off. So i guess we will see.

Even though im looking forward to school starting and the house being quiet and staying clean...if i get the job it may not happen the way i want. E gets on the bus about 750-755 am. Depending on where M goes he will have to be there about 815ish and then i would have to be to work about 9 am. I would work till 2. Again depending on where M goes he gets out around 230 and E gets home at 3. So it appears that i will be getting home right before they do and then its into the evening routine. it would be different if i was home all day but that wont happen. I just hope all the transitions work well.

I usually have to deal with everything as the hubs job is usually pretty busy and he cant miss. so unless things are planned in advance he misses everything, conferences, first days, school programs. its a shame but hes kind of the newbie around his job, even though hes been doing it for 4 years. his co was bought out by another and so even though he has time in service they all basically got set back to zero when this compnay purchased his old one. so to them hes only been doing it 2 years. And plus hes the newbie here in the shop since he got a job transfer. so hes taking the overtime going in on the weekends and doing nonsense work like mowing the grass etc. he has given up requested vacation days to go on road jobs . he takes all the road jobs they offer so they dont have a reason to lay him off. After we got here we had heard some of the guys he worked with in wa got laid off so the panic really set in but i dont think its an issue with him, hes a very hard worker. and he still hasnt taken those vacation days that he had to give up for work. hes taking some upcoming days off but thats for a wedding and he already has them off and then hes taking another day off possibly since we have an inspection on our apartment because our lease is up in october.

well be safe out there fellow bloggers it is friday the 13th! and im off !

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