Monday, August 9, 2010

Time is flying by...

Happy Monday !!!

Is it just me or is time flying by? Last i checked it was may and we were gearing up for our summer guests! Holy crap its now mid august and that means its almost M's 4th birthday and our anniversary and then school! wowza! i cant believe how fast everything has passed. I mean granted we have been busy but still. sheesh.

Tomorrow is the hubs and i anniversary. and i can say its been a crazy few years. Yes we have been married only 3 years but we have been together since 2002 ( dont hate peeps!) He wasnt around alot being in the army and protecting our freedom and all. I dont have any idea if we have anything planned or not being that its a tuesday and all but we may manage to go to dinner, granted we would have to take the kids since we dont have a sitter but sometimes thats the price you have to pay.

In other news im applying for a position in a school district, that will afford me to work while the kids are in school and be home right before they are and have the same vacations and snow days etc as them which will be awsome so we wont have to rely on a sitter and paying someone. and hopefully i will be making a bit more money which will be nice also

And on the 23 is M's 4th birthday. its gone by sooo stinkin fast :( i hate it. I remember exactly having him and also holding him for the first time. he was only 7 days early and he only weighed 5lbs. he was soo tiny. he still is little for his age. people ask if hes 2 going to be 3 and we say hes almost 4 and people cant believe it. they say he looks 2. Hes still on the tiny side. he weighs about 32 lbs but can fit in size 12-18-2t size shorts but he has to have a size 3 for pants for length.

im ready for another, my husband agreed to it 2 years ago but he says its harder since things are more expensive here and now that M is 4 why would i want to start over again. I just dont think he gets it. I would love to have a girl but am just fine with boys, they are pretty easy and i have tons of practice with 3 of them dont ya think?Part of me doesnt get how he can say arent you happy with the 3 you have, why do you need anymore. and then no sooner does he say it he points out a baby to me. I am usually the one that does all the baby things: feeding diapering etc so its not like he has to do much.

I dont really want to say ok we wont have anymore. i mean i can understand if i was 40 but im not and we have already discussed this and agreed, now i feel that hes taking back everything. Its not fair i dont think. I mean we havent really tried. I got off the bc but then my body could never regulate( UGGGGH!!!) and then i took meds to try and reset my body but yes i got a period but it never reset anything. so back in sept. before our move east i went on bc again and stopped after a month. it worked i had my own periods oct,nov dec and not jan..thought we were expecting but no. did blood work in feb and 2 days later had my period. then nothing again for months. Finally i go an ob here and she did some lab work everything is normal. and so she said i should probably do bc again for 6-9 months and stop and that usually regulates. so i hope everything works out and i can have my one last baby. a girl would be great. but i do love my boys . i just cant say the words ok we wont have anymore. i cant. part of my brain says ok just go with it, the other part says no just one more.

In upcoming events we have friends of ours that are getting married sept 4th and we are both in the wedding so that should be fun! it will be an adult nite so it will be a nite without kids which we dont have very much.

And then after that SCHOOL!! Yippee. Im ready for a clean house and routine and quiet nites.

and also can i say i cant wait to see CHARLIE ST.CLOUD. omg, it looks sooo good. I bought the book the other day and have yet to crack it open but dang i cant wait to see and it! and have ya'all seen Zac Efron. omg hello.

all right off for now ! have a great monday!

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