Friday, April 16, 2010

Glad its the weekend

I'm so glad its Friday! its been a long hard week. It started last week with getting some sad hard news to hear..then my husband had to be away for a nite (which sucks!) and then with E's accident which was/is trying and then of course ive only worked 2 days this week, but my body feels drained. Last nite i went to bed later than norm..i was trying to catch up on my shows on the dvr, and even tho i have slept in a bit in the mornings im waking up still feeling exhausted and like im not really rested . I have my coffee in the morning same as normal and im still tired. I tried to take a nap yesterday but it didnt work out so well. Im going to try again today but a bit earlier than normal..i took E to school today and instead of him riding the bus home im going to go pick him up and then come home and get ready for work..which is from 5-9. im just ready to come home and rest and sleep in a little on sure till 8 will be nice. i dont know if we will go to any open houses this weekend, but it could be possible . hope everyone has a restful weekend!

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