Monday, April 19, 2010

high hopes for this week

Happy Monday everyone!

im hoping this week goes way better than last, thats for sure! All though in one aspect we arent getting much positive news :(. This week will be busy we have to go to the pediatric orthopedist tomorrow, and of course fit work in there, and all during spring break which is supposed to be relaxing, but hey it never works out that way. im hoping to have a relativly light work week, i mean my work is ridiculous, they schedule you and they start harassing you about going to training and then you give them the dates for the training and they are calling leaving messages about can you reschedule it we are letting two people go on vacay and we have calls into others for that day ( the day your training is scheduled) but so far no one can do it so can you get in touch with the trainer and see about that, and they get pissed when you go to training,because you wont be available to work there...ummmm hello it is a work activity, so even though i may not be able to work there im still working. they are LAME!The thing is i work at nite, my hubs keeps the kids so we dont have to pay a sitter unless absolutely needed. So therefore i can only go to training at nite. Especially since we dont have alot of people here to count on, the closest family is an hr away. We had sitter issues when i had my previous job, thats why i had to quit, and i had a pretty much set was 730-430 m-f. I would go to take the kids and she wouldnt be awake yet, her excuse ..i didnt know they were coming? um what? its monday and unless it was previously stated that they wouldnt be here or they were sick they would be here!! she had her power shut off more than once, and she was always asking us to provide food, i paid her 110 cash a week, because she really only had one kid and the other was in school so she only had him before and after. i provided diapers and wipes like 3 mega packs and two full containers of wipes and miraculously they would be gone the next week...where the eff did they go? so i stayed home for a year and started working here, im looking for something more conducive to family life but have yet to find it. The job i have now obviously doesnt get that work training is work, and that they should plan better if they are giving people vacay!

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