Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not having the greatest week ever...

Oy what a week so far! it didnt start off too bad but has gotten progressivly worse and its only wednesday! Monday started off just fine for a monday and wasnt to bad but my husband had to go for a sleep study and so we both sleep crappy when apart, but his sleep was goin to be worse because of having all those wires attached. Needless to say we both went to bed at 10 and he kept getting woken up because of the tech coming in and out etc..i got woken up because i heard something at 11 and couldnt get back to bed till 1am ! OMG!...Needless to say i have to be up by 7 am but most days im up at 6-61(depending on how many snoozes the husband hits on the alarm clock. but i get up with him when he has to go to work, but yesterday i could sleep in till 7. so i got up but was way tired, you know the feeling, cant see straight, stumbling around like your drunk! so i got up and stayed up got E off to school and then did stuff around the house, and ran some errands. M and I came home and he watched Kai-lan and i putzed around on the internet, (posting a post on the blog and facebooking!) till the hubby got home from work, we watched pawn stars from the dvr and the kids went out to play, and around 5 i started getting ready to go to a class for work..and looking forward to coming home at 8 having dinner and watching the new seasons of the two of the shows i watch ) thats when the nite went wrong ...very very very wrong. the boys were outside playing with the neighbor kids, and that was fine, they were playing tag in fact. So im getting my stuff together to leave and i hear E crying outside,my husband said dont worry about it he probably just got tagged and doesnt want to be it or something. So thats when i went to the back door and E is standing on the deck crying, I ask him whats wrong and he said...i broke my arm..well i was like how, he had hurt his armpit the other day tryin to climb the tree (with the older neighbor boys) but couldnt quite get his version of breaking his arm and ours is different! So needless to say i can see that something is wrong because his left arm is sagging, i was thinking in my head, ok so maybe he was trying to do what they were doing and just hit it or something, but he was crying. Now let me describe E to you..he is 7 ..weighs 41 lbs and is tall and skinny...( he was 6 lbs at birth) but hes just always been long lean and lanky. So I open the screen door and bring him in and ask him where it hurts and he says his whole arm, so i move his shoulder around a bit and hes saying ow ow because he is tiny (his shirt was a size 7 but it was long in the sleeves) i pulled up his sleeve and see that something is definitely wrong, his elbow looked wrong his arm looked wrong. so i walk him into where my husband is and say "does this look wrong to you?" he takes one look and was like "um ya duh!" i was like do we just take him to the after hours clinic? he was like "call 911" so i called 911 and they proceed to roll out the ambulance, and we are scrambling to get stuff together, and him get dressed and get the other kids together, they come and deem that because E fell at least 10-15 ft from the tree that he could have neck back spine injuries besides his arm. so they neck brace him back board him and in this time we have a bag together for our 3 year old, birth certificates etc together for what they may need..we dont know since we are new to massachusetts. Our kids dont even have health insurance yet, because we cant afford it thru my husbands work and it takes 6-8 wks even to hear back from the state once you apply, which doesnt help in situations like this or in our 3 yr old who has respitory airway disease and asthma.. but because we were going in an ambulance we knew they would treat him. so the hubby was going to follow behind with the 3 yr old and i went in the ambulance with E and you knew he was in pain and they were trying to get an iv in but couldnt cuz his arms are little..and he was crying with every try(he was trying to be brave and they had him all braced up. ) but the hubs cant be there with needles etc ( what a wimp! seriously when i was having our 3 yr old he had to go out of the room for the iv cuz he was going to pass out!) so we finally get there and they do the warm blanket trick to hopefully get another iv in, and we ended up spending a long nite in the er. finally leaving at 1130 with a broken arm and dislocated elbow and a cast on and orders to see a pediatric orthopedist in a week, they dont know if it will require surgery, but E isnt going to school today, and ill have to figure out how to keep the pain down and the 3 yr old calm around him, but he loves E and kept saying while were there E has broken arm he hurt ...aww so it was a long nite folks! I hope the week starts looking up from here!

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