Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wiped out

Well after the emergency room and coming home we were bushed. yesterday we mostly relaxed and only ran out because we needed too. Last nite we had a scrumptious dinner and then lazed around till we put the kids to bed, and i was soooo tired i was falling asleep on the couch at 5 pm...yes 5 pm but stayed awake by cooking and doing dishes, and finally not being able to keep my eyes open anymore i went to bed at 1030. i woke up at 730 , i feel sorta rested by my eyes still feel tired. The hubs was even more tired than me since he has been working on the road and has to be out the door by 530 am.He was falling asleep on the floor yesterday at like 4, so why he stayed up till 11 is beyond me ..for sure. When i went to bed he was like, what are you doing? I was thinking in my head..are you serious what does it look like im doing...but i just said going to bed and he was like why, im like because im tired but in my head thinking "DUH" . Today is more rest and probably a nap, since i still feel tired, since i have to work tonite..which sucks, i hate my job. i work in a pharmacy, and im a work horse, i not only take care of the customers i do all the stuff no one else does like garbage etc. everyone runs out of there as quick as can hoping i get a job elsewhere. but i have to only work tonite and tomorrow nite which is fine by me, i was supposed to go to training on tuesday but we all know how that went. we went to the er instead...via ambulance! So im hoping we reschedule that soon.

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