Monday, April 26, 2010

things are changing constantly

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope things went well for you over the weekend.Ours was a tad busy, but it was nice. friday nite i had to work (BOO), and then i was off the weekend. We had to go meet with a new "just in case sitter" which means, just in case the hubs was not going to be home in time for me to go to work, that i would have someone to leave the kids with until he got home. We have family close but not close enough that can keep them. We did that first thing saturday morning, she was great and has two kids, both girls, one is older than E and the other is 2 days younger than M. Then the hubs mom was going to come visit sometime this weekend, we werent sure if it was saturday or sunday, she just told us to go do whatever we were going to do. While we were meeting the new sitter, she called and was at the end of the so much for not knowing when she was coming. We left the sitter and went and met up with her to bring her to our place. It was the first time she was seeing it since we moved here in November. The hubs gave her the apartment tour and we sat and chatted for a bit, and then we decided where to go to lunch. She took us for lunch and we came home and looked for tickets for her to go to aruba, and she heard that the hubs wanted a grill so we went to walmart to check them out,he could have gotten the one he wanted but he went with one that was smaller and it still has a burner on the side for corn or what not. His mom said that it was his bday and our anniversary present, but i see it as mostly a gift for him since i dont know how to use them. This week i also had to go to work training, and i worked with one of my favorite pharmacists that subbed in our store ..she was awsome to train with and she was so helpful! i also gave my work notice of appts that i have upcomming and changed my availability..instead of the availability i have now i said i was only available m, t and th. we have stuff for E on wed. and then this summer its going to change alot with R coming and K. Well i hope the rest of your monday goes well. I know im hoping mine does!

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