Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a little about me

So today instead of the whats been happening around me/with me type of post im going to start off with telling you a little about me and my family, im sure this will have to happen over numerous posts to get to stuff about my hubs and my kids and my sibs and mom and rest of the fam, but today it will be about me.

My name is christa. I was born in california in november 1975. I grew up there till i was 7. We lived right around the corner from my nanny( my grandma,my moms mom) and my parents family was all over the place and so close as were my cousins. My pappy(grandpa,my moms dad)died the day we were to move to michigan for my dads job transfer. This was 1982. We moved to michigan, thinking it was going to be so hard to be away from everyone i had known my entire life. I am the oldest of 5 kids. I have an older step sibling, but shes just been my sister my entire life. We moved to michigan to a town called Lake Orion. Every summer for years my parents sent us back to cali to see our nanny. Of course she would come visit or we all would do the road trip thing, but we were adjusting well in michigan. Lake Orion was so much different than Garden Grove,California. In california we lived 15 minutes from Disneyland,Knotts Berry Farm, the beach, everything. Lake Orion at the time was still pretty small. We lived in a neighborhood called Keatington. It is one of the more affluent neighborhoods. We lived in a two story house that was pretty big it had 5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and a 3 car garage. We have a massive yard. I love that house.

I have always been an outgoing person, but i am also shy. I went to webber elementary and then the middle school was across a main road outside of my neighborhood which was nice because we ( a group of us) would walk to school. Junior high and High school were literally across the parking lot. in school i had friends and was on the fringes of the " in crowd".My favorite subjects in school were reading spelling history, choir,theatre and science. I wanted to be a teacher and mom when i grew up. in lake orion every one knew our family...i mean not only did we all go to school there but we were on the larger side. There is 4 girls and 1 boy in my family. The order goes like this: Me, Ali, Bub (frank),Karen and Shannon. Ali and i were always one grade apart and then the rest were only a few years after. 3 of us have some sort of shade of red hair and the other 2 are blonde. 2 of us have green eyes the other 3 blue.I love my siblings, all though that happens with age. Of course i loved them when i was younger but all siblings argue and fight, and of course there was always chaos with that many kids in the house. I loved school and loved being in choir and drama. I sang in school from 6th grade to 12th and i also took 4 years of private lessons.

I graduated from hs in 1994 and had my first son in october of the same year. He by far is the love of my life, well at least one of them. I wanted to go to school but having a baby at 18 changed that. I would never trade it. I went back to school in 2005 to be a paraeducator but i didnt end up finishing for other reasons that will be in a later post.Some of the things i love besides my family is reading swimming, movies, music, history type stuff( like going to historical sights and researching it) and i have a love for certain shows. some of them are : deadliest catch, glee, house hunters, property virgins, renovation realties, 19 kids and counting, little people big world, ghost adventures, law and order svu and criminal intent, house,say yes to the dress, the list could go on. i also love reading and i read alot. i will post something about some of the books i have read.

well thats all i can think of at this time, there will be another post on me but if you have any questions feel free to comment!

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