Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yay for Tuesday nite tv

OMG! I am so glad today is tuesday, why you may ask? well TWO of my favorite shows are back on tonite after a break...and i cant wait! im sooo sooo sooo EXCITED! The first show is DEADLIEST CATCH on Discovery channel! we werent into the show when it first started then we caught a marathon of it one weekend and we were hooked! we have watched it for years, the last time it was on was last april, and so much has happened im sure! The most significant thing is that Captain Phil Harris the Captain of the FV Corneila Marie died on February 11, 2010 from complications from a stroke he suffered at the end of January. The sad thing is was that he was making such progress and strides and they thought he was going to recover and then BAM he was gone the next day ...so soo soo sad.

The second show and for sure it doesnt come in second place at all is GLEE! omg omg i love this show, i missed the pilot last may when they showed it but once the regular season started in september i was all over it! Have you seen it? yes? maybe? NO? i call shenanigans and say if you havent seen it you should, its one of the best shows on tv! the music is soooo good! Everyone has been like one of those kids in school, the jock, the nerd etc. You cant help but fall in love with it ! My sister that lives in europe didnt get to watch it at all even though me and a few of her friends were recommending it, but finally she went to an internet cafe and downloaded the whole first half of the season and was in love by the end of the first ten minutes of the show..i knew she would be ! the last show was in december, and then of course its been off till now because american idol has been on but oh i cant way, and i know i cant watch both so i know i will be dvr'ing one and then watching the other at least tomorrow, but probably until their seasons are over, since most of the time im not home on tuesday nites. OY i may have to change that sometime in the future, but their you have it, what for sure will boil down to one of the great nites on tv. I have a lot of other shows i love and they will be another post , but im so excited about tuesday nite tv

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