Wednesday, April 21, 2010

keep on moving

Hi! Sorry for no post yesterday but we had the peds ortho dr appt, and that took quite awhile! the appointment was at 9 am and we left the house around 815..we didnt get out of there till 1245.They moved his arm around and decided on putting a hard cast on his arm in hopes that it will heal. Lets Hope! So on the way home i stopped and got something for us to eat on the way home and we came home ate and i decided to lay the kids down for a nap. but no such luck that they would go to sleep. I was tired because i got up early and the dr was quite stressful and i had to work that nite , but no luck . Went to work, it was pretty slow, but im off today, and they decided that i can go to my training thursday so essentially its two days off! Today we are just going to the bank and running to walmart. Other than that it will be a nice quiet nite at home relaxing and dinner together as a family, which we dont get alot of with our crazy schedule. Im hoping the rest of the month we dont get to much more handed to us and that May is a breeze! happy wednesday everyone!

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