Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More about me

So yesterday i started out by telling you a bit about me, today i will continue..kind of reading back makes me see im sort of boring but oh well.

I love to read , i mean love it. My love for reading started in kindergarten when i had a book reading contest. For that contest i had to read books to someone, i chose my nanny. i read 500 books and won. my love has continued on. I belong to two book clubs, and i also buy books. We recently moved to the east coast, and before we moved from the west coast we had a garage sale. that didnt go so well but i had 10 boxes of books that we had out, all arranged by author and the ones that are series were all together, and only about 5 books were sold. I went thru and kept what i wanted and the rest i donated to the local library. Where we lived they rarely got new books and if they did it was like one copy. SO LAME! Some recent things ive read are : return to sullivan's island( its set in south carolina ), the entire twilight series( yes i know im behind on this but i truly had no desire to read it or fall into the hype, vamps arent my thing BUT my sister karen said if i didnt shed end me lol) and for the record im a team jake! i loved the whole series, the characters and their backstories. I love reading debbie macomber and mary higgins clark and carol higgins clark. im huge into romances, love stories, mysteries and thrillers. i love autobiogrophies of celebrities or the royal family, or even biography of the old hollywood stars. i mean its history its right up my ally.

i also love movies, but dont get to see to many adult ones,( and NO not Porn!) get your mind out of the gutter! Some recent ones over the past few months i have seen are: the proposal, couples retreat, the hangover, brothers ( great flick, hard to watch, because if your married to a former military member or have a sibling as one you can see what ptsd is for real and how hard it is) , the blind side, public enemies and also ive seen a kids one called " how to train a dragon" that is a fanastic movie! i cant wait to own it! i also want to get the two toy story movies for my younger boys they have never watched it. We also watched the princess and the frog.

I also love to write, i used to write alot wether it be journals, poems, stories etc but i got out of it once i had some major real life moments, some of those include having more kids, my mother dieing unexpectedly( more later on this) then my grandma a year later, then hubs coming home for good(yay! no more seperation due to the military) and a big move from coast to coast. Hopefully i will get back into it one day.

I love being a mom, its perhaps one of the best things ive ever done or had the privilage to do. I am the mom of 3 boys, similar in some aspects but different in others. I had a daughter that passed at birth( more on this later)I want one more child and be done, whether its boy or girl, but thats the deal i made with the hubs to have one more. Im hoping i will get a red haired green eyed girl. I mean im not getting any younger, but who is right? My boys have been the light in my life and have made me strive to be better want more and stay strong for them,even when i think some stuff is way too much to handle. but im there mom and id never give a day back for everything in the world. They are my entire life. dont get me wrong i have a life outside of kids etc but you get what im saying.

alright enough on me today check back for more tomorrow!

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