Monday, May 24, 2010

And let the craziness begin!!!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday!..I cant believe how fast the weekend came and went. Friday we didnt do much since the hubs worked that day. Saturday we decided to get up and at'em early, we were out the door by 10 am. We went to a huge new super super walmart that just opened and were looking to see if they had anything different than what is at the one close to our house.We picked up a few items at the new walmart and then we took the kids to the pet store just to look at the fish and get out of the house. We picked up some lunch came home and ate it. We hung out here, M fell asleep ont he couch and E watched STAR WARS on tv. While the kids were doing that the hubs changed the boys room around to make it seem like there is more room in there, when there really isnt. Its a much smaller room than we had in wa for them. We ended up going to the walmart close to our house and got some bins to store stuff under the kids beds. We had a relaxing nite and the kids went to bed and the hubs did too and i stayed up late catching up on some shows on the dvr. I got to sleep till 8 on sunday and the hubs was awake early but fell back asleep till 11. His mother called and apparently there was a family function that day, so no notice until that call about it and it takes about 2 hrs to get to where the shin-dig was going on at. so we hurried up got showered/dressed etc, to walk out the door to head up at 1230-1 and didnt get there till 230. It was the hubs grandpas 75th birthday. it was a nice bbq. they had chicken hot dogs and burgers, with corn on the cob, pasta salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad, plus some sort of onion yuckiness. and then of course cake and ice cream plus a veggie platter and chips and dip.

another thing adding to the craziness, is that the hubs is going for two weeks away for work. to MAINE. its only like 2 hrs away but its two weeks straight. So we are going to have to shell out money for the sitter, but at least its only twice this week and twice next week. But that is still alot of money when we are having guest pretty soon! So needless to say it will be interesting. Not that i cant handle the kids but it will be weird since its the first time since we have been on the east coast that he is leaving. We will see!

Now we are into the final countdown to the guests/family. As you know fathers day is the 20th of june. The hubs bday is june 24th. and then right before the hubs bday R is flying in from his dads. This is the thing that sucks... having to share him with his dad. He will be here till early august then go back to his dads, unless he chooses to stay and not go back.

then July 1st Karen is flying in from europe....wahoo! I for one cant wait!! I havent seen her much since M has been born. She went over there the beginning of august 2006 and he was born at the end of august. I saw her once in 2005 after our mom died ( this is another post) and then she came in july 2008 to seattle and we saw her for about a day and a half. This will be 10 days of sistely fun, spending time with all her nephews and taking her around the east coast. Im trying to convince her to move here! Shes applied for a few jobs, but hasnt heard back and that may be for the fact that she has international ph # right now and they may not want to call that. She wants to live in boston and we live not far outside of it, but she claims shes a city girl but we told her she could live with us till she got enough money set aside to get a place a car etc, since she had to get rid of everything to move over there, and im not sure how much she is going to ship home, she has 3 years of life over there to go thru and send back. But the crazyness of our summer is now beginning! YAY!!!

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