Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

Hi All~

This weekend is mothers day. A day to celebrate MOMS. I hope everyone gets celebrated and that you celebrate your mom,grandma, and sisters and friends that are also MOMS. I even think we should celebrate those single dad parents that are MOM and DAD!.

I will be thinking of all my friends and fellow bloggers that are moms, also my siblings, aunts and my own mom and grandmas(even tho the last few are no longer with us) I will be thinking of all the things that my mom did to get me to where i am today. All of the things she did as a mom to make me the mom i am today. Moms have a hard job, they have to be mom, friend, doctor, judge, jury and the list goes on. Moms wear more than one hat and can do more than one thing at a time. Moms have to multi-task, there is no other way to get things done. Moms are super-human and can run on little to no sleep. Remember this mothers day all of the things your mom has done for you and remember to spoil her on this one day that celebrates her. Let her relax and you do some of the things she,cleaning,laundry,dishes,dinner, baths, homework the list could go on, but if you just do these on that one day will think she has won the lottery! Let her sit back and put her feet up and not have to do anything, trust me she will appreciate it! So get out there and celebrate your MOM!

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