Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Hi Everyone!

Today im going to stray from a normal "family" type post to post something about someone i went to school with. Today would be his 34th birthday. He died for his country in IRAQ. 38 days before he was to return home. He was born in raised in the town i grew up in. He sacrificed his life for our freedom. We can never repay him for this. All we can do is remember and thank him and pay tribute to him. It was a very sad thing to hear about and I was stunned when i heard. How tragic, he left behind and two young boys. I remember watching news pieces online ( i didnt live at home so didnt have access to the local channels that covered it) and the boys used to play video games with their dad and in the game once you die you always come back, and in one news piece i remember one of them saying "when is dad coming back" how very very sad. Their dad will always be a HERO. So today on his birthday i am remembering him with this post. And next month is the anniversary of his death . I hope even though you may not know him, that you will pause today and on the anniversary of his death and remember him. Please support our troops. they are doing something for us that we could never do, and sometimes paying the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. RIP RAY PLOUHAR you are missed. thank you for everything you did for us. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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