Monday, May 3, 2010

Its already monday again!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I cant believe its monday again already! Sheesh the weekend went by fast. It was super hot this weekend, It was mid 70's friday then 80's and 90's on saturday and sunday. It was pretty humid on sunday due to some rain we got saturday nite. I did ok for michaela's birthday..its just hard to fathom its been 13 years.

The boys are thriving and doing well. I gave E and M haircuts last nite, just buzzed it down some since it was soo hot and they hadnt had a hair cut since like january. They both look way cute. I put shorts on E for school today since it said it was going to be 75 but its super humid and rainy this am. So i hope he doesnt get chilly. I have a fan in the slider and the windows open in the living room and bedrooms. its still overcast tho. I didnt sleep so great last nite but that could be due to it being so hot, yes we have the ceiling fan going but also an oscillating fan , but then the hubs was complaing he was to hot so i put it on his side of the bed, almost in his stinkin face! He woke up this morning and wondered how it got there he doesnt remember it at all. We are on the countdown for aunt karen to come and its about 60 days. Totally way excited for this! i have only seen her a handful of times the past few years. When E was a baby id go back to michigan to visit then she came along with mom, bubby and shannon to wa for "nannypalooza" it was a mini family reunion with as many that could come visit. And then i saw her for a week when our mom died in oct 2005 and then in 2008 her and bram came for their u.s tour, and made it to seattle for 1.5 days so we drove down to see her. This time she is coming for 10 days! wahoo. july 1-11. She will have all 3 nephews together all at once. Shes only met M 2 times in real life and never had them all together. It will be awsome and fun. The hubs is of course freaking out about entertaining and stuff like that but i believe that it will all be just fine! im also on twitter so search for me there . its hard i dont quite get it yet but im sure ill catch on

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