Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay! its almost the weekend!

Hi Everyone!

Yay! its thursday ...which means its almost the weekend or the beginning of mine tonite after work(boo!) This week has been hectic. Not only is the hubs out of town for work, but not only with the incident of someone backing into our car while i was at training, to back to back training and then work tonite, im ready to be done for the week. Its been really hot here and we dont have air, so we just have some fans. i have had every single door and window open in the house, to try and move the air but it wasnt working. Not only did i have the ceiling fans going in the bedrooms and the dining room i had the oscillating fans in the bedrooms and living room going non-stop. It was sweltering out. The first nite i slept just fine but last nite was a no go i think i saw every hour on the clock!

Potty training for M has been going well. he is peeing like champ! He's only pooed once and i can tell when he needs to go, he says " i cant only pee pee comes out" so cute, i think he waits for dad. I have still been putting a diaper on at bed and nap and when they have gone to the sitter, but havent ventured to not put one on at those times. All though last nite he didnt want one on at all he wanted his undies on. SO i hope we are nearing where he will be complete. Today im going to take a nap before i have to get ready for work. im exhausted. I had M sleep with me last nite since he wasnt ready to go to bed when i put them down. The hubs will be home for the weekend! i cant wait. it will be nice to have the norm. We will have a relaxing time. And im excited to be able to share more info on the preschool info i got for M for the fall! What are your plans for the weekend. Please remember to think of and support your troops!

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