Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A little of this, A little of that...

Hi there!

Well sorry i didnt post on tuesday, just was busy. Today im going to post about some stuff i have seen on other blogs i read and then some stuff thats goin on in our household.

I saw on Heir to Blair, that she was commenting on her sons diapers. Well i also have had issues with certain brands of diapers, as far back as my oldest son. I DESPISE and HATE Huggies diapers. When R was little i got a lot of diapers as gifts. They were all pampers. At one time when he was a baby some one got a pack of Huggies for me and R always soaked thru them. I never again used them, i only used Pampers or Luvs. When i was pregnant with michaela, i started buying diapers when i was 2 months pregnant so i would be prepared, but then she passed so i just packed away everything. When i had E I had all the diapers i had packed away from michaela.I didnt need to buy any till he was about 6-8 months old, and when i did they were Pampers or Luvs. When i had M i had gotten some diapers for gifts, but i specified which kind i wanted. But since he was sooo tiny ( more about him in another post) the hospital had to give us preemie diapers since newborn size was way to big. When he finally could fit into normal diapers we only bought Luvs and Pampers. We did have a costco membership and they had some great deals for a huge amount of diapers...but they were Huggies. My hubs said we should just buy them and give them a we did. The same thing happened either as we were putting them on the tab would rip it wasnt as stretchy as the other brands or he would pee thru them with a fresh diaper on. After one box i was done and just went back to what i know works. I dont know why Huggies work for some and not for others, its not like i have champion pee'ers or something, but seriously they never worked.
Since we moved out east, where we live there isnt a costco close, but for xmas diane got us a gift memebership to BJ's its like costco and sams just called BJ's...and for your info i thought it was a funny name too. I have either been buying diapers at walmart or target for years and when we have gone to Bj's i was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry, LUVS,PAMPERS, and HUGGIES. They carry them from newborn all the way to size 6 and even pull-ups and overnite type diapers. So at Bj's you can get any size of any brand for the same say you are buying LUVS any size they were 29.99 ! I think the Pampers were the same price and in their coupon book you could also get an extra $5 off! but the coupon was for PAMPERS or HUGGIES. The Huggies were also any size for 35$ They also carry the huge boxes of wipes there which are also a good deal for like 750 wipes. When i have my next child you know where im shopping to stock up!

In other news around our house, we are yet again trying to master potty training for M. (picture me pulling my hair out!) We bought him a potty chair at 2.5 ..its a pretty neat chair, when they pee it will play a song, so they know they did it! we got him kind of doing it, it can also be used as a stool and also the seat part comes off so you can use it on the big potty. We had where he would go in there with dad and at least try and sometimes even going. It felt like we were on our way. Then we had to switch sitters, well she had a son that was about 1 and she claimed to have him potty trained.I didnt believe her you just cant train them at that age or more people would be doing it. So in the course of the few short weeks she watched him, she traumatized him into never wanting to go near his potty chair or the potty. uggh ! I then started staying home with the kids and started trying to reacclimate him to trying again, we got partially there and then found out we would be transferring out east, and couldnt fully train him as we would be driving and if he was trained stop every 20 min for him to go so we held back. When we got here we held off for a little to get him adjusted to being in a new home, state and time change. I have gotten a job part time at nite and so i get to stay home during the day. i have been working with him and by far hes my most stubborn boy, R i just put undies on at 3 and never looked back he just did it. E would get on the potty himself before every tub so he was pretty easy and miss kim helped with finishing the training and getting him to go #2. With M it just goes back and forth. I have been asking him every 20 minutes and he goes ! He sometimes will go in there and just go on his own. The hubs thinks he should be able to go both but we have to master one before the other. Thats the thing he hasnt had an accident when im with him but if hes in undies and the hubs watches him he pees thru that pair and the 2 xtra pairs i have left. But i dont know if we have reached a turning point since he still gets diapers on at nite for bed and nap, but he woke up twice last nite just to go potty! But he isnt any closer to doing both, but he is almost 4 and hes taken the longest to get potty trained. Im hoping we can get it accomplished by the summer, but im guessing we may have to still wear swim diapers. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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